I'll hit it off - who will win NBA rookie of the year?

  1. I'll hit it off - who will win NBA rookie of the year?

    who do you thing will win rookie of the year?

    there is no dominant force this year.

    I'm going with Chris Paul
    Chaning Frye is realy playing well though.

  2. williams from UTAH

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Prometabolix
    williams from UTAH
    I like Deron, though I am bias.

    Charlie Villeueva looks good as well.

  4. Andrew Bogut

  5. Chris Paul hands down. A lot of rookies are producing, but not as well as Chris Paul is right now. The kid gets pretty close to triple doubles pretty often and he's a great defender.

  6. I can't take a guess at who will win, but I will tell you who WONT win.

    Rashad McCants.

  7. If the GayWolves would give McCants some PT I'd go with McC. Of course, he can't play a lick of defense... so.....

    Sorta plays defense like my boy Grassroots.... slow.

  8. definitely Chris Paul

  9. chris paul.....just as long as a tarheel doesnt get it im cool.....cause my boy jj reddick will take it next year


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