View Poll Results: Where wll they lose?

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  • Home to boston, end the unbeaten run at 6

    0 0%
  • Away to Houston, end the unbeaten run at 7

    0 0%
  • Away to Dallas, end the unbeaten run at 8

    1 25.00%
  • Home to Denver, end the unbeaten run at 9

    0 0%
  • Home to washington, end the unbeaten run at 10

    0 0%
  • Away to Milwaukee end the unbeaten run at 11

    2 50.00%
  • Away to New Jersey, end the unbeaten run at 12

    0 0%
  • Finish november 13 and 0

    1 25.00%

Where will the pistons lose their first game?

  1. Where will the pistons lose their first game?

    I'm wondering who is going to stop the bad boys...
    both Milwaukee and Dallas are on the back end of back to back nights

    the worst matchup for them IMO is Washington and Milwaukee.

    I'm saying its either one of those two or 13 and O

  2. I voted unbeaten. Wishful thinking. But they do look strong so far. I really like the way Flip gives them more room to score. The defense does concern me a little though. I hope they can play shut down defense the way they have the past few years and light up the scoreboard as well.

    I am off work in thirty minutes can't wait to get home and watch the game.


  3. I don't know. They just seem so lost without Larry Brown.

  4. well they just lost to dallas. I saw that coming...

    they didnt realy play well last couple of games.

  5. They are going to have to start playing better than they have in the last few to knock Dallas off when they are playing well.



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