Go Penn State!!!

  1. Go Penn State!!!

    Gotta love those Nittany Lions!

    Not all to do with the Fiasco Bowl Binge. Mostly that y'all were ranked higher than us.

  2. My take.
    Good defensive game. Troy Smith can't read a field to save his life. Apparently officials allow holding on our LB's to level the field. Ted Ginn needs to be a full-time CB and part-time receiver, but we have too much depth in the secondary so it will never happen. The student section in HV is insane. Tressell needs to hand the o over to an OC. I hate athletes as QB's, neither qb impressed me. The rain made both teams look slow.

    Congrats to PSU. We are the same team: talented receivers, qb woes, great D. It carries us most days, but don't be surprised when it bites you in the ass, but PSU seems to have more heart and togetherness on offense than we do. Our O just looks like a soup sandwich most of the time.

  3. Agreed B&P. I'm one of the few people that think Zwick should be taking the snaps. I saw him play in high school and think he could only get better at passing. Tressel forces the ball to Ginn too much on stupid plays. Smith ran the ball 18 times for 23 yards last night. We have the receivers, we just need to focus on passing to them.

  4. Happy Valley was freaking Bedlam yesterday. Forget the OU-OSU game. That was it.

    I wish I could still be in school. I miss sitting in the student section in a game like that.

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