Any Hockey fans here?

  1. Any Hockey fans here?

    Tonights the night after a long lay off. I am a huge flyers fan and they are on the OLN tonight so I will be able too watch them. I live in MN so its hard too catch too many games on tv.

  2. I'm getting a little into the college hockey scene because hockey is pretty big here. Colorado College is always top ranked and plays close to my house. They play 2 home games against OSU next week and I'm going.

    As far as NHL goes, I tried to get into it once but couldn't. I am glad to see that it is back, though.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by grock
    Tonights the night after a long lay off. I am a huge flyers fan and they are on the OLN tonight so I will be able too watch them. I live in MN so its hard too catch too many games on tv.
    I live right outside of Philly, it's impossible not to be a Flyers fan. Forsberg alone would be reason enough to watch. As far as the NHL being on the Outdoor Life Network, I had no idea until last night. I was actually watching one of those cross-country ATV races (bored I guess, too early for the baseball game), when a commercial came on for Flyers/Rangers. I am psyched for the season to start, big parade on Broad Street this year!

  4. Lord Stanley comes to Philly this year!!!!!

  5. LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!

  6. Oiler fan since 1983.

    After the lockout, I thought I lost all interest in hockey. But with the new CBA agreement, I'm more excited than ever because of the level playing field.

  7. I am so glad that hockey is back...I had to watch the NBA finals instead of the Stanley Cup finals for my fix this summer. Unfortunately, my team, Colorado, got RAPED by the new CBA. Losing the best player in the world and the best defensive-defenseman will make this an interesting season. I still say that this is Vancouver's year to finally win a cup.

  8. Sabres are 1-0, at this pace they will be undefeated.

  9. I caught most of the Flyers/Rangers game last night. it was a pretty exciting game, even though Jagr took over down the stretch and the Flyers lost. The NHL is cracking down on obstruction alright, there were penalties everywhere, and a penalty shot to boot. How many times do you see a penatly shot on opening night? I saw a graphich on ESPN that said attendance was 98% capacity versus 93% in the 2003 season. Pretty impressive. It was also the first time in league history that every team played on the same day.

    Did anyone else catch the new commercials for the NHL. I really liked the one where the girl is home alone, the phone rings, and they show a guy in a hockey mask outside her house. I wasn't sure what it was, kind of a Halloween/Jason feel to it. All of a sudden, a goalie appears and she says something like "I'm so happy hockey is back". It was unexpected, since there are tons of Halloween commercials flying around. The NHL is really doing a nice job promoting the league, hopefully they can attract more fans this way.
    As an aside, I just got tickets three rows off of the ice for a game in November, can't wait. By then the Flyboys should be comfortably in first place and I can really enjoy the show!

  10. I'm all for the Canadiens!!!


    we got rid of the old baggage and we got some new stuff, lets see if we can make the playoffs this year.

  12. I think this is a real exciting time for the NHL. New rules and some excellent young players coming into the league at just the right time. Watch for Ovechkin to win the Calder this year and compete for the Hart for many years to come, this kid is an absolute monster! He has by far the most complete game of any rookie since Lindros.

  13. Im so happy they decided to take out the two line pass. i HATED that rule, just when you thought something exciting was going to happen you got a whistle. now the games are shorter, the action is worlds above where it was. when all is said and done i think the lock out was the best thing that could've happened to the nhl. oh and LET'S GO AVS!!!!!

  14. how bout dem rangers eh?

  15. GO PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!

  16. wow those penguins are blowing it, bad.


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