Tenn. v. LSU = best SEC game so far?

  1. Tenn. v. LSU = best SEC game so far?

    For my money, that was a hell of a game.

  2. Great game.
    LSU choked, and the QB cost them the game. The dropped snap inside the 30 and the horrible play at the end of the first half. LSU should have led at least 24-0 at half.
    Still I have to give credit to Tenn D and Clausen off the bench. Both looked great in the second half.

    I am bitter though. Had LSU -6 and I was feeling good at halftime only to be screaming in the end.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AgentOrange
    For my money, that was a hell of a game.
    Yes especially the 2nd half and OT ...im glad Tenn. won so FSU moves up!

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