For Brock Landers...

  1. For Brock Landers...

    Wondering what you thought about the Clemson game, and the upcoming Colorodo game.

    I have to say, I was completely wrong about Ty Moss. In another thread, I spoke how I didn't believe in this kid. And one of the Gator fans continued to pump this kid up. I must say, I was wrong (and am glad...)
    This kid is a freaking horse and will carry us on offense this season.
    The OL is freaking terrible. They might as well have my skinny ass out there.
    The play calling is still frustrating, at best. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to shoot Werner.
    I love Kyle Wright. The huge blocks he made on both of Hester's runs yesterday showed me this kid comes to play 100%. He just needs to quit holding on to the ball so damn long.

    I think Clemson has a good, not great team, but Death Valley is a tough place to play. I'm really happy we got out with a win.

    The secondary is gonna be the best in the country next year. All these freshman and sophmores that are getting serious PT this season will really pay off. That said, they made plenty of young mistakes last night.
    I am really high on them for the future.

    The tackling was awesome (save for Whitehurst's long run). Great to see the missed tackles cut down on.
    The penalties were just terrible. We had so man ****ing off-sides and other inexcusable penalties it wasn't even funny.
    We need to get better on the dumb penalties before VTech.

    Now, for Colorodo. I think the noon kickoff benefits us tremendously. They won't be used to the heat and humidity. That should give us an advantage in the 4th Q. Here's to hoping we can get the young RB's some playing time late to beat up their front 7.
    I think we win because of the running game.

  2. Moss is the hero for us so far.....he dosent rush well against Clemson...we are 0-2 and Im wearing a brown bag on my head at the OB (j/k).

    Our D is good...but Shannon needs to explain to me the zone D call on the long TD drive where Whitehurst picked us apart...what the hell was that about?

    Werner is an ass....seriously, we are so vanilla on first up the gut behind Winston every time. No joke, I was right 50% of the time on what play we were running.

    We need more shotgun for Wright....the kid dosent understand that he has 3 seconds top to throw the ball or get sacked. Also, I understand play action is effective, but only if the QB can pull it off far, Im not convinced Wright is effective doing this. More plays need to be called where we roll him out of the pocket but behind a lineman, this will give hime time to throw and Quad Hill has proven to be an effective receiver for this set.

    Where the hell are our wide receivers? Sinorice came to play...but Ryan Moore needs to make that deep catch, Lance Leggett needs to show up to play. Very unimpressed with them. Olson was often doubleteamed....someone should have been open.

    Our O-line needs to get their **** together......14 sacks in 2 games? Winston is an all-american? my ass........

    Now......had you told me before the season we would be 1-1 after these two games and both went down to the wire......I would have been pissed. But seeing how inept our offensive passing game is, I'll take it. We have a few home games where we should get organized and start to click on offense. I have full confidence that we will be 6-1 after the Temple game. But if our O dosent come around and we dont hang 40-50 on a few teams....Its going to be really hard if not impossible to go to VT and get a win. The things in our favor are the early year experience in hostile environments (Death Valley might be tougher that Blacksburg), the emergence of Moss, Jones, and Thomas (who will be an animal) at TB, and our solid D. The wildcards will be the passing game and the coaching.

    So far Im ok with this season.......aside from the fact we are supposed to be an elite program who starts out with two tough road games. I blame Paul Dee squarely for this...the man might be a good attorney....but he is a ****ty AD. I also would have waited until after this season to give Coker an extension (5 years!!!!). If we let coker go, get used to seeing more road games against tough opponents as we are going to be cash strapped from our obligations to the contract. My fingers are crossed....this season is a crossroad for us, we need to roll the rest of the way, establish some dominance again. Can we do this? absolutely, we have the talent, we just need to find a way to show it on the field. This is where the coaches must step up.

    I will be at the OB on saturday.....I am going with the expectation that we are going to make a statement out of this game, much like we used to with anyone that dared play us here. Let us not forget....we are still in the picture here for the NC. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Good points.

    I have mixed feelings about Coker. I think he's a good coach. But, I think the delegation to the assistants is part of the problem. He needs to get more involved in the offense. I'm with you on Werner. I don't understand the predictable play calling.
    He won't be fired this off-season, no matter how bad the record is. Bottom line is that Miami doesn't have the budget that other land grant universities do. They can't swallow his salary for 4 more years PLUS another HC.
    Now, we could easily see a mandate by those above him to cut certain assistance coaches. (Werner? Kehoe?)

    I'm with you on Dee. But I think Shalala really, really wants UM to win. As much as I'v read, I think she wants us to win NC's as much as you and I do. Not sure how much she'll get involved this off-season with the staff though. Dee may overrule.

    I think we can beat VTech. I know it's tough playing at Blacksburg. It's hella loud. (I've attended 2 UM-VT games there.) But, they always fold in a game they should win. Always. And they'll (hopefully for us) be ranked 3rd or something and a 7 point fav. probabaly. That usually bodes well for a poor performance. (Which could be turned in by Vick.)

    I have to disagree on Moore. He did drop the long pass early. I think that hurt Kyle's confidence in the long ball, and may be why we didn't see Lance do anything. But he came back and made some HUGE catches late. I mean huge. Props to he and Sinorice for real.

    I love Kenny Phillips. How 'bout you?

    You are right about the rest of the season, we are still in line for a Rose Bowl birth. The ACC looks awesome this year. We've got 5 ranked teams right now, 3 in the top 11. (Clemson will be back ranked by the end.) So, our SOS will be pretty high.
    It just comes down to playing well against everyone else and throwing the knockout punch you know Miami can deliver at Blacksburg. (Along with a timely loss by Texas and a few others....)

  4. You are right about Moore....cant understand why I didnt put that in there...He did make some big plays late, as did Sinorice....but my main problem is that they are the only two. We are supposed to have some serious talent there with Moss, Moore, Leggett, Jolla, etc. But all I see is Leggett dropping passes and Jolla doing the same. Perhaps they are used to Berlin floating the ball to them instead of Wright firing bullets. Who knows? Im just pissed still over the FSU game because every time we went deep we had their coverage beat and we had a catch or an interference penalty. Back to Werner.....CALL MORE DEEP PASSES OUT OF THE GUN!!!!!!!

    I guess Im really sore about the WR's becuase those have been our strong points in the years past and I want us to get back to running up and down the field....getting the ball to the playmakers (ie....the running play with Hester where he ran about 100 yards all over the field) and letting them showcase thier skills.

    As with last year..I see everyone (except Ty Moss) sitting around waiting for someone else to make a big play...not taking the initiative. Now Kenny Phillips INT was making a play.....Greg Olsen grabbing balls out of the sky against FSU was making plays. This used to happen a few times during each game, now we only see flashes of it. I wish we could get back to that, perhaps the huge draft classes of 2001, 2002, and 2003 took the veteran leadership away and these kids are searching for identity?

    Kenny Phillips looks like an Ed Reed/Shawn Taylor/Antrel Rolle hybrid.....and all I have to say is HOLY ****!!!!!!!!!!!!! he will be amazing. He already is well on his way.

    How about Da ******** blocking the punt??? Hes a fricking beast who needs to be on the field.

    So far, the coaches have been allowing the young kids to come in and make plays...that is a good sign. Get the hungry players into the game.....turn em loose.

    I want these guys to pull it together and do a deja vu of 83 (the loss in the first game to UF and then undefeated the rest of the way)...and this is quite possible. We are due......these guys understand you dont come to The U to play in the damn Chic-Fil-A Peach Bowl and hold your head high....that to me is motivation enough to come out and whip some ass.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    I have to say, I was completely wrong about Ty Moss. In another thread, I spoke how I didn't believe in this kid. And one of the Gator fans continued to pump this kid up. I must say, I was wrong (and am glad...)

    Just for that you have to watch the video in my sig AND ENJOY IT!

  6. I like the video....Im a CANE first and a Gator second.........long story

  7. Yeah, that was you Die. I couldn't remember if it was you or DMB.

    Anyway, I'll forgive you for posting in this thread - this is for Canes only!!!

  8. jmh who the hell is the chick in your avatar and where can I buy one??

  9. Magikk - she's on my dick every night bro.

    I actually saw her pic on Hot or Not.

    Sweet **** Brock.
    I got one for you - Mike Irvin's speech before FSU.

  10. Olsen, TE Miami, is awesome
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  11. Yup.
    Folks say he could be Miami's best TE ever. And, scary thing is, he's only a sophomore.

  12. Hester 4 heisman? Cmon now. I dont think he even averages 10 ypp right now. He is doing absolutely horrible. I guess he shouldnt have taken any advice from deion. He has yet to show anything. Olsen is looking decent as a sophomore and will progress nicely, although I dont believe he will be the best TE you guys ever had. Wright will be amazing one day and I am liking S. Moss too.

  13. That video was made in the offseason....when he WAS (emphasis on WAS) a heisman for some reason we have Ryan Moore returning punts.....

  14. Brock,
    I think the large amount of injuries we've had in the secondary has made Shannon convince Coker that we need Devin concentrating on CB 100% of the time.
    Devin is probably now more important to the team at CB than anywhere after Randy Phillips went down for the count.

    Did you go to CU or USF?

    I'm still worried for Wright's health. He's taken a ton of hits this season.

  15. Both CU and USF.......

    CU was a pretty decent game....we did dominate on D and did just enough on O to get a 20 pt. Victory....but damn it was hot as hell!!! I just got over my sick farmers tan this weekend from that game.

    Let me say the first 5 minutes of the game we were all over USF, I thought we were going to score 100....seriously, up 17-0 and cruising. But of course, our O was the achilles heel again.

    Werner called 6 straight running plays with Moss when we had it inside the 10 in the 4th quarter. Olsen is a fast guy....but you dont cover the ball will look like a fool when the DB pokes it out of your hands in the endzone for a touchback.

    I know we need Hester on D, but he got toasted all night...and I mean all night. They continuously went after him and Julmiste couldnt hit the ocean if he was trying. A few more completions and we have an interesting game. Hester got beat on their lone TD and was called for pass interference on the play. It just dosent seem like he's getting it as a DB.

    Im still praying for the offense to come around a bit as last night the O sucked, for lack of better words. Flat out sucked. I left the game pissed even though we won handily. Seem to be doing that quite a bit now.


    This might be the best punt return EVER!

  17. Saw it live.......when he turned around, everyone in the stands was like "WTF is he doing???" then he showed us why he is the man..........simply incredible, and the holding penalty was complete [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Bump for my man BL.

    Hope everything is OK for you and your fam. down in South Florida after Wilma.

    I hope you went to the game today and stayed for all of it!

    I had tears in my eyes watching our D in the 2nd half.
    So great to see those guys running around making plays left and right, celebrating, getting fired up, dancing to the hip-hop all over the field AND on the sidelines.

    That swagger is back.

    Great to see Devin get some looks at RB. Gives ole' Flubberneck some more tape to watch to gameplan against us.

    Game ball - Tyrone Moss.
    (You were right Die, you were right. )

  19. Lets just say that those Uni's are horrendous on TV and disgusting in person. Please Paul Dee, dont let them wear that garbage again!!!!!

    That being said, great 3rd quarter, and TMoss, well, TMoss the man.................

    We are going to need him this weekend and Kyle simply cannot play like that in Blacksburg. Even though we havent looked great all year, I like our chances this weekend.

    No one is picking us to win, and VT has everything to lose in this one. I think its the first time in a while that it has been that way for us. A win here gets us on the inside track for the BCS bid and cements us in the Top 5. A win more importantly says.......we're back.

  20. Man, I just watched the Hester vid and listened to the Irvin clip.

    I'm so ****ing fired up for VTech it ain't even funny.
    I think I'm gonna run through my wall right now.

    I'm sooooooo hyped for this game.
    I've got goose bumps as I type this.

    "It's a Canes thang, bruh, you wouldn't understand!"


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