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  1. Every state/region has their traditions & all.. I'm from MI, but now live in Louisiana. Watching SEC football is fun. The speed these guys have definitely keeps the games exciting.

    As for this weekends games, I'll have to pull for the Buckeyes because I now hate UT due to last year's Rose Bowl.. Looking at the polls, I see OSU is right behind MI. If OSU beats UT, & MI beats ND, it's up in the air as to who takes over 2 & 3..

  2. I think Michigan blows ND out of the water this week and the Bucks have to much on D this year for anyone to stop em.

  3. This year Ohio States Offense has multiple options. Ill take the pepsi challange against any school with Santonio Holmes and Ted Ginn as the best receiving duo. Zwick will no doubt start the game but by the time the game is over Troy Smith will be the man. I would bet that Troy Smith will end the game with better numbers then Vince Young.

  4. Rogue what HS did you attend in Austin?


    That being said, nobody knock on my Horned Frogs. They controlled the Sooners the entire game IN NORMAN. They have a chance at un undefeated season, depending on the Louisville matchup....

  6. GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!

  7. blah, blah, blah.....TEXAS FIGHT!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Max32
    blah, blah, blah.....TEXAS FIGHT!
    So Right!!!! Hook em baby!

  9. This thread has become quite amusing.

  10. I attended Westlake. You have an impressive resume Rogue congrats.

  11. Rogue - Wash. DC puts more players in the NFL per capita last I saw.
    But, Florida was 2nd.

    Never seen that stat for D-1A players.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Ryan - I went to Stephen F. for two years, then back to Detroit, then injury and bad attitude redshirt at UT, transfer to my hometown Michigan, all conference OLB when the Wolverines played mean Bo ball, mostly Will side with more speed then strength, undrafted free agent to the Atlanta Falcons,early 80's bad O and great D, one year playing and one with the practice team.

    I finally decided, after much semi-deliberation, who I would root for on Saturday at 8,


    I can not tolerate anymore Drunken Fat Redneck Suckeye Trailer Trash No support the B10, Dog Dirty and Dull Columbus "We are the center of Football" no nothing about X 's and O's and never played the game board posting Crap all over every other teams's message boards without insight or invite, go the **** away with the final two words being - Please Die.

    Not directed at anyone specifically here.
    I went to SFA for a year. Great party school. That was back in 90..

  13. man o man i cant wait

    ****ty thing is I play semi pro football. we had a bye this week. thursday our coach decides to schedule a non conf game to boost our points standing

    what does this mean

    IM GONNA MISS THE ****IN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have to record it to watch it tonight afterwards

    but im gonna keep my cell on the sideline and call for updates

  14. Quote Originally Posted by BingeAndPurge
    Big statement coming from the team known as Oklahoma's bitch. The Shoe under the lights is going to be too much for you guys. Your QB has no arm, your placekicker stunk it up yesterday and now has no confidence. With special teams being so important in a great matchup like this, how is he going to fare kicking at night away from home with yesterday's performance hanging over his head? How is Vince going to get a play off or your o-line going to wait for the call with 105,000+ drunk fans screaming their heads off? I've been to a night game at the Shoe before, and the fans alone are too much for any team to handle. I say your total offense will be lucky to hit 200 yards after losses and penalties.

    THE Ohio State University- 30 Oklahoma's bitch - 6

    COOK 'EM!!!
    Damn Ms. Cleo you were all over that one... Hook em Horns!!!

  15. For the most part an exciting game, but a bit sloppy at times. I still don't see anyone dethroning the Trojans this year.

  16. lol Great game but Im so happy ohio state lost.

  17. I am so sad that they didn't win but on an up note, the Tide Rolled tonight

  18. Vince comes through.

  19. Another classic, they need to schedule more of these kind of games.


  20. Great game! I don't care for Ohio State, but I have to admit, those linebackers are friggin' studs! Talk about a solid core! UT lucked out in this one. Should be interesting now to see what happens w/ the BCS rankings... OSU, UofM, Iowa all lost today...


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