Rank the SEC!

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  1. Rank the SEC!

    Damn tough conference to play in!
    Rank the top 5 teams in the SEC this year

    1) Florida- WOOOHOO!
    2) Tenn.
    3) Georgia
    4) LSU
    5) Auburn

  2. 1 georgia
    2 tenn.
    3 florida
    4 auburn
    5 lsu

  3. 1.LSU

  4. 1. Florida
    2. LSU
    3. Georgia
    4. Auburn
    5. Tennessee

    Honorable mention/potential suprise team: Arkansas

  5. 1 Florida
    2. Tennessee
    3. LSU
    4. Auburn
    5. Georgia

    If the Gates get by Tennesee, watch out, they could go all the way as their schedule is in their favor. Georgia lost too many people to be a major threat. Same with Auburn.

  6. 1. Tennessee
    2. LSU
    3. Florida-Sorry DT, Urban Meyer can't do miracles
    4. Georgia
    5. Auburn

    possible surprise team = Alabama

  7. 1 Florida
    2. Tennessee
    3. LSU
    4. Auburn
    5. Georgia

  8. I think LSU #1 because they play UT right after UT plays Fla.
    Plus no real rival in the west.
    #2 Fla
    #3 Tenn.
    all others...

  9. Well all I have to say is we will see at the end of the season... Nothing like SEC football.. hell if Vandy changed conferences I figure they would be at least a number 2 every year... and ROLLL TIDE ROLLLLLLL

  10. Tennessee. SEC CHAMPS!!

    Are you doing SEC east or west? or both?

  11. 1) Tennessee
    2) Florida
    3) LSU
    4) Georgia
    5) Auburn
    6) Bama

    I put Tennessee at #1 because I think they have the best team, but I don't know if they'll make it. I was looking at their schedule, and it's just brutal. Florida, LSU, Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame!?

    I'm really curious to see what Spurrier can do at South Carolina.

    As for Florida, they will deflate after they take it on the chin in their opener against Wyoming!!!

  12. 1.LSU

  13. 1.) LSU
    2.) UT
    3.) Georgia
    4.) Florida

  14. How about Vandy's 3-0 start this year.. who would have thought that..

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    How about Vandy's 3-0 start this year.. who would have thought that..
    Something tells me that it's just a very woeful state of being to be an Arkansas Razorback right now. First you lose to Vandy. Then you get clubbed, skinned, and smoked by USC. (But at least they put some points on the board...) Poor pigs...

  16. and next week the Tide rolls in... so it is not going to be good..

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    and next week the Tide rolls in... so it is not going to be good..
    Tide is looking very good.

  18. LSU

  19. well lets wait till FL comes to Tuscaloosa in the next 2 weeks..

  20. I just became a huge Bama fan by way of OSU and the ranking system. They have both LSU and Florida at home. Roll Tide!

  21. LSU will beat UF and UT in the valley.....

  22. LSU is slated to lose to Bama this year from the info I've been reading since they are playing Bama at home.

    I dunno about Florida... their offense isnt all that great... but their defense looks really good. I think Tennessee and Florida are both overrated along with LSU.

    I agree with Matt D. We'll know Bama's place after they play Florida And we'll know Florida's place too, since Bama has prolly the best defense in the country, it will be a chance for them to put up or shut up about their offense with Chris Leak.
  23. Wink

    I am not sure of who are the best teams in the SEC, but I can
    assure you that Kentucky is by far and away the worst team!

  24. Speaking of Florida, they got bitch slapped by Alabama yesterday. It looks like no one had Bama in their top 5 in the SEC. Might wanna change that now.

  25. I did I didnt think florida deserved to be in the top ten with their spread offense... fact of the matter is it doesnt work against fast defenses like bama...
    and florida got stuffed... didnt even make a 1st down until bama racked up 17 points

    1) Alabama
    2) Georgia
    3) Florida
    4) Tennessee
    5) LSU


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