Anybody collect memorabilia?

  1. Anybody collect memorabilia?

    I have a pretty nice collection of baseball memorabilia. Being a bat-boy as a teenager didn't hurt. I'm looking to get back into collecting in the future when my financial situation is a little better.

    What ya got?

  2. Lots of foul balls, autographs from the Giants team(Prob a 100, from 1990-2005 teams), thousands of baseball cards.

  3. I have thousands of basebell, hockey & basketball cards.. they have been sitting since 1993... I have no idea what is even there as far as rookies or anything else...

  4. Baseball, football, hockey cards out the ass....

    Tiki Barber Autographed Picture, Jeremy Shockey Autographed Ball, Eli Manning Autographed Ball, Phil Simms Autographed Ball, Drew Bledsoe Autographed Picture, Harmon Killebrew Autographed Baseball, that's it I think. Next up Michael Vick autograpked Helmet.

  5. albums and cases of baseball cards late 80's - early 90's.

  6. Man, I used to have literally THOUSANDS of, basketball, hockey, football, boxing lol, all kinds and good ones too. I made the same mistake as my father did and threw them all away when I was 14-15 or so I don't know what I was thinking...I guess I was going through that whole teenager mentality change and figured I wouldn't need them anymore and needed the spare room for my water

    Was a HUGE collector of Bo Jackson stuff back in the day. Now all I have left is one wax box of score 1988 baseball cards.


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