ESPN Radio host's Steriod Rant

  1. ESPN Radio host's Steriod Rant

    I never thought i'd hear someone from the media defend steriods but this morning on the Colin Cowherd show on ESPNradio he blamed the media for spreading the idea that people die from steriods. He said there is "0 documented evidence that steriods cause deaths" and the media tries to use people like Lyle Alzado as proof that steriods cause death despite the fact that he died from brain cancer and there was no evidence showing that his lymphoma was a result of his steriod use. He also went on to say that the media just reports about the few people that abuse steriods and have problems but the fact is, "steriods save more lives than they destroy and anything that is abused will cause problems". He then went on a rant about how cigarettes and alcohol have no medical benefits and kill millions every year but don't get half the bad publicity that steriods get. It went on for about 15 minutes and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Did anybody else catch it?

  2. Haven't heard the broadcast, but props to the guy from the media who took a stance that was against the flow of the normal media garbage that is spewed across the continent! We definately need more guys like this - granted a lot of closed/narrow minded people would brush them off, however I'm sure there will be quite a few people (outside our gymrat community) that would agree with.

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    Wow, I am impressed, never thought that would happen. Mad props go to this guy! 'Bout time people start viewing steroids in a more open minded fashion!

  4. He's still going. This is pretty funny. Guys are calling in talking about how many
    cycles they've done and how they dont have any problems. I'd imagine he's gonna get in some kinda trouble for it.

  5. That sounds like a pretty interesting dialogue. I feel like the media stigmatizes steroids and steroid users because of the injectable nature of most of the drugs. If it was as easy as only pill popping, I feel that the drugs would be construed in a different light and it would be more difficult to draw a line demarcating "cheating" when comparing the substances with other supplements.

  6. My father recently noticed an increase in my size. In the past few years, he never liked, however didn't really have a problem with me using transdermal PH's. I'm close with my dad and honest with him. The hardest thing for him to deal with is that I'm sticking needles in me. He really can't see very far past that.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by D_town
    ...He really can't see very far past that.
    That's the big prob...people now associate pinz with heroin junkies, etc.

    Whenever I hear anyone talk about juice they talk about "injecting" like it's child prosititutin or something.

    Props the man on the radio.

  8. It's good to hear that some people in the sports media can think for themselves.

    The latest steroid myth I heard was from Woody Page on the show 1st & 10. He claimed he could smell the steroids inside Lyle Alzado when he interviewed him while he played in Denver Even Skip Bayless looked at him like he was a retard but probably refrained from doing so because he works with the guy.

  9. Finally, someone with half a brain speaks on our behalf! I swear whenever I turn on the tube there's some old white skinny turd talking about how steroids ruin lives. One guy on cold pizza even had the sack to say all steroids ruin your sex drive...I guess he never heard about testosterone.

  10. Colin Cowherd was in Portland, OR. on local TV as the sports guy for a long time (I lived up there till 2001). He then got on local radio and now has become syndicated with ESPN. I used to think he was pretty dorky; kinda like a Rome ripoff guy, but he has gotten consistent and knowledgable and with strong personal opinions on everything. Lot's of time his topics wander all over the board from sports takes to issues of all kinds that the guys in his audience are interested in. So hearing this is indeed refreshing. Props to you, Colin, for your success AND for having an open-minded, anti-establishment take on the seroid hype!

  11. Well I guess after his stance foir steroids ESPN decided they needed to bash them again, because the last few days have been nothing but bs spin media.



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