NHL Cancels The Season

  1. NHL Cancels The Season

    NEW YORK Feb 16, 2005 — The NHL canceled what little was left of the season Wednesday after a series of last-minute offers were rejected on the final day of negotiations.


  2. Too bad, so sad. Greed and ignorance prevails.

  3. Not a good way to run a business. I was actually starting to like hockey and even saw a few Sharks games but this pisses me off because it's millionaires arguing with millionaires about millions. It's not like these guys are striking over benefits for their family, or a few bucks an hour so they can afford to buy a 3 bedroom house

  4. not a big follower of hockey (hometown doesnt have a pro team: Seattle)... but Bettman is being marked a clown, well deserved. Owners will come out of this nicely though.

  5. Owners, Players, up here in Canada we'd linch 'em all if we could!
    They're both to blame, and both should be force fed the re-runs of 'Home Alone' 1-8, that we're being forcefed here instead of Saturday night hockey.

    How am I supposed to raise my new son to be a true Canadian man now?????

  6. Hmm, well since you don't have hockey to instill into your son, there's always the fine art of beer drinking to be taught. After all, isn't that all we as Canadians do, is drink beer and watch hockey?

  7. I thought you ride moose too eh?

  8. Unfortunately my moose got hit by a car awhile back, but thankfully my snowmobile is at the ready.


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