Baseball Formula for making $$$

  1. Baseball Formula for making $$$


    I'm new here and have already benefited from all the great knowledge you guys provide. I've recently hit some sticking points with my routine and this forum has really helped me.

    Here's something I think some of you might be interested in. There's a baseball research website that sells daily baseball predictions in their newsletter. I've made over $10,000 the last two baseball seasons with them. This is not a solicitation.

    I've used the extra cash to enable me to buy supplements and some home gym equipment. I'd recommend it.

    With my job, I don't make enough to buy lots of supplements, but the extra money has really helped. Again, this is not a solicitation, just an effort to give something back to those who have selflishly helped guys like me on this board. Cheers! Traveler.
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  2. I'm locking this thread for now, and removing the url, i think it's sketchy, but it might come back

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  3. This appears to be a tout service in disguise. Touts are a waste of funds.

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