Please help me win some tickets.

  1. Please help me win some tickets.

    I got a question thats a little out of the ordinary so any and all help is appreciated.
    There is a good chance that tommorrow i will be involved in a extreme eating contest. The winner gets 2 tickets to the AFC championship game (GO STEELERS ). What will i be eating? Roethlisburgers! How long do i have to do it? 9min 59seconds.
    So what i would like to know is if anyone has any tips that may help me eat faster, not become full, or if anyone knows of something that may cause extreme hunger. As it is i can eat very large amounts of food but i would like any edge i can get.

  2. smoke some pot. it is only once and it is for tickets, so go for it.

  3. put how to win an eating contest in a search engine.

  4. If you were rooting for the Patriots I would tell you a sure fire way to win...What the hell is a Rothlessburger anyway and I know not the quarterback...

  5. i think its a BIG Cheeseburger. I'll find out around 5



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