Renteria to BOSTON

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kmac6225
    I'm just a bit excited about this one....I think this is a great deal and it gives the Sox the ability to deal their young prospect to other teams now.

    nice work theo!

    p.s. pedro is a sellout
    This is a great signing for the sox..

  2. Not for us in St. Louis. Coupled with losing the best defensive catcher in the game and possibly 2 starting pitchers, next season is not looking good. And that is what I hate about St. Louis sports---the owners nkow the people will support the team no matter what. And the fact that the new stadium will be opeining in a year, Im sure they are banking on a sell put every game just because of the new house. So I am sure they can care less about the finished product as all those luxurory bozes are filled every game. How I hate team owners.

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