Pedro to the Mets!

  1. Pedro to the Mets!

    It appears Pedro is headed to New York but not the Yankees but the Mets..He wanted that 4th year and the Mets gave it to him..I hate to see himg go but a 4 year 56 million dollar deal was just too much IMO..

  2. Maybe if he was 28 years old he'd get a fat contract, but at 33 it's quite a risk to give him $14 million per year, especially with the ERA he had last year and his tendency to be sidelined by minor injuries, like that sore throat a couple years back in a pivotal game vs. Oakland. BUt maybe he can prove people wrong like the Rocket did if he re-dedicates himself.

  3. I'm sorry to see him go as well. I hate seeing core members of the team leave. Oh well whatever, I'm still enjoying this year's championship, and I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl.

  4. See ya buddy. There are a number of things that upset me about him leaving the way he did. As most remember he said after his final game that if he didn't come back it's because the Red Sox didn't try hard enough. Well they did - 3 years for $40.8 million on an arm that is 33 years old and fading? Not to mention all of the little rules he had set up for him for travel, clubhouse, etc. He left for money plain and simple - not only that he screwed the mets by making sure we offered as much as possible and then went back to see how big the offer would be from the leagues only team in the top 10 for payroll with a losing record.

    This may have been about respect, but for pedro respect was obviously meant to be in dollar signs. He left for a far worse team and a far worse playing environment and the fans know it. So he can take his "My heart will always be with the fans" and shove it up his scrawny ass.****1946349
    It's a good read if you have time. Gammons nails it with this one.

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