View Poll Results: Is hockey going to survive the strike ?

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  • yes, kiss it good bye

    45 51.72%
  • no, fans will always come back

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Is hockey dead ?

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  1. Attendance is god awful in STL, even from the get go, before the Blues started laying the suck on big time. I work in retail at the Savvis Center. When I started in 2002 they usually had around 40 employees working in retail. For tonight's game there is 18.

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    attendence is up throughout the nhl this season from what it was before the lockout (not that hard i know). but with the new rules and no ties its made a lot faster and more exciting game.

    and MSG is always sold out, Ranger fans are the best.

  2. viva el hockey!
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    Depends on what country you live in,..unlike America, soccer is an attitude and a way of life. here it's healthy thing for the children. Not a battle between small villages or cities since anyone can remember. When you mention going to a soccer game most flatlanders think "riots, tear gas, helmets and batons". Damn right ! unlike the glam sport of basketball, Hockey fans still do and allways will give a s#it about their sport / way of life....


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