How abouth them Cowboys

  1. How abouth them Cowboys

  2. I've always hated those bastards, they're the Yankees of the NFL. They need more cocaine and prostitutes in their locker room so they can play like they did in the early to mid 90's. They have no running game, their defense is soft, and even Bill Parcells admitted to being outcoached. "America's team" is crashing and burning and that at least gives me a little satisfaction since they won't beat the 49ers to Super Bowl # 6 anytime soon

  3. My poor Cowboys are really sucking this year...

  4. our poor Cowboys have been sucking for a several years

  5. I am a diehard Cowboy fan, however, I must say we are at our lowest point.


  6. they will get their asses handed to them on monday night!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    I am a diehard Cowboy fan, however, I must say we are at our lowest point.
    Yes we are..but hopefully that can turn into a good draft pick and a damn running back.

  8. Worse than the 10 sack bitch slapping you took from "Gang Green"
    during your 1-15 year? Aikman still sees Jerome Brown in his sleep.

  9. I love the boys...Someday they will be good again...someday

  10. My Cowboys got pounded again...

  11. Everyone's is blaming vinnie and saying they should change qbs but they look like they have more problems with defense.

  12. Cowboys are going to get pounded today. Next year they get the Buffalo's Bill first round pick too. They will have a stellar draft.

  13. They beat the bears. Maybe they can pull off 9-7 but I don't think they could beat the eagles.

  14. Dallas may win 2 more games at most.

  15. Wow, is everyone here from Dallas too?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by John6
    Wow, is everyone here from Dallas too?
    Yep...from Dallas.
    Been watchin the Cowboys since I was a 6 yr old.

  17. just wanted to revive this really old thread 4 yrs later and say

    How about them Cowboys woohoo!!!


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