Congrats Red Sox, YOU DID IT!

  1. Congrats Red Sox, YOU DID IT!

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  2. Congrats for sure. Now wouldn't be an odd coencidence if the Eagles went all the way this year. I mean the two teams who have been cursed down the final stretch every year take it home in the same year. I'm seeing this happen and I'm damn excited.

  3. the red sox winning the world series? what next? is nader going to win the election?

    seriously, as a life long red sox fan, i could NOT be happier

  4. Wooohoooooooo!
    Now we'll see if the Patriots and Kerry can reel it in for Boston to win the triple crown.

    I'll prolly take time off from the office for the parade.

  5. Congratulation!!!

    See you next year, opening day, Fenway

  6. Wow,what a story words cant explain what this means so ill shut up and celebrate


  8. Congrats to the Red Sox...they finally did it.

  9. As a Yankee fan this sucks, but being a baseball fan I can see how good this will be for the game. In a way I'm almost happy for the Red Sox.

    I hope my old man never reads this...He'd probably kick my ass.

  10. They just plain beat the tar out of us in every facet of the game. They defiantly deserve it. Congrats Boston!

  11. i can stop hating oil can boyd and bill buckner now!

  12. I'm with Madman, I'm so happy I can't really explain it. It couldn't have happened any better if they tried. It's a great great day for Sox fans!

    Congratulations to all my fellow Sox fans! Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to keep celebrating.

  13. Npursuit we did it bro..

    I know it's just a game and maybe some of you guy's may not understand but next to my daughter being born this is the happiest day I can remember...That is how good this is


    I just cant stop

  15. We sure as hell did!

  16. absolutely. good to see a team with bunch of guys who have fun win the whole thing. good for the city and fans of boston too.

  17. It sure is GREAT!!! I remember watching the 67-75-86 world series with my Dad wish he could have seen this FANTASTIC WORLD SERIES....maybe he did?

  18. They were certainly due for a World Series


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