1. Rugby?

    So does anyone else play/watch rugby in here or am I all on my lonesome?

  2. Rugby fan here - Prefer Club League to Union but the International games in Union so much better - Whos your team(s) brah?

  3. Four nations start this weekend !

  4. Yezzir! Who you thinking will win? Think S.A will beat Argentina but Oz vs NZ will be a tough game, hard to call a winner in that one with Aussies injury list

  5. Yeah that's right. I'm a Wallaby through and through and would like to see them but I think new zuland have the edge.

  6. Good luck Brah

    Your boy Cooper Vuna follows me on Twitter - srs

  7. Haha I'm jelly ! I've got to wt my whole twitter thing going. Follow me muscools

  8. Following bro

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Naturalhulk
    Neg!! Lol

  10. Quote Originally Posted by drofwarc View Post
    Neg!! Lol
    Ha ha!! Love me some league! I live in the states but Lived in Melbourne for a few years and fell in love with rugby! Go Eels!

  11. Yep yep, play in college in the U.S. really hoping Argentina can hold their own in coming games

  12. Play some rugby aswell.I can't wait for the 6 nations to start!COME ON IRELAND!!!

  13. Didn't notice this had kicked off I'm a Wasps fan (went to Wasps academy so go figure lol)

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bulayer View Post
    Rugby is a sport played between two teams that try to score points by advancing a ball past the opposing team's goal line or by kicking the ball through a pair of uprights on the opponent's goal line. Players can run with the ball, kick it or pass it backward or sideways to a teammate. Opposing players try to tackle the player who has the ball or gain possession of the ball. There are two main versions: rugby union, which uses 15 players at a time for each team, and rugby league, which uses 13. Another version, rugby sevens, follows union rules but uses only seven players at a time for each team.
    Great copy and paste


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