For all you Boston fans.....

  1. For all you Boston fans.....

    This thing cracked me up, those of you who watched game six know what its all about....
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  2. why not, yankees fans can lay it on me..........
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  3. LOL I love it! I despise A Rod & Jeeter.

  4. Thats awsome good stuff...can you give me a link to that stuff.Im in the Yankee forums Bustin Balls and these would be great..

  5. personally, i laughed my ass off when A-rod swiped his arm and knocked the ball out. funny ****. yeah, it was pretty cheap though. it was even funnier watching A-rod trying to explain it as being a running motion. hey, **** it, he tried. did ya'll see the first base umpire call him safe before he even touched the bag? haha, you think he was slightly biased? lol

  6. Very funny pics, I like the retard Yankee fan the best


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