RedSox Sweep

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  1. ahhh hahahaha 19-8

    yankees batting practice

  2. Quote Originally Posted by hogiejoe
    i would appreciate it if jokes like that were not in anabolic minds forum. it might just be a misunderstanding but i am sure the guys here dont want to hear jokes about runs in pantyhose. thats is probably funny in a different group of friends but try to stay consistent with the attitude of this forum please. i am not saying this because you are female, if a guy would have said that, he would have heard it from every person in here. i am glad you are part of this forum but try to keep posts like that for other forums.
    Try getting a sense of humor and a clue, *******.. For **** sake, this isn't a thread about anything serious pertaining to training..

  3. so now it's freakin' good, and that's no joke. Game 7 coming, after being down 3-0?? Baseball needs this. War, man. May the best team win, go Sox. Is this the year to end "the curse" or will it be even more apparent tomorrow that the curse is forever? Game 7 in the Bronx with the Sox, edge to the Yanks, but momentum and heart as of right now, edge to the Sox. Who wants to be daddy most? We'll know in a few hours...

    ...or for this thread, should I say, "who's gonna wear the panties???".


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