Going Nuts Here in Canada

  1. Going Nuts Here in Canada

    Where the hell is my hockey? Damn lockout. Damn owners. Damn players.

    Hockey is to us in Canada what football is to Americans. If we get no hockey this season I seriously see riots in the streets, protest marches the whole bit.

    I'm sure not many others care but MAN DO WE MISS HOCKEY!!

    Ahhh, that feels better, I'll be OK for another day or two now.

  2. yeah dude, this blows

  3. I miss my Flyers.
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  4. I miss my Jets!

    At least we have NFL to keep things going until the end of January.

  5. Sorry...Hockey is done...better find a new sport.

  6. there is no other sport that is worthy

  7. what about pingpong?

  8. Sad thing is the way in which the lockout has affected several businesses here in San Jose which got the bulk of their business due to hockey.

    IMO the players are damm well paid, I just hate it when millionaires cry about not getting enough $$$

  9. Yeah, they're all guilty. Blow the whole damn system up and start from scratch. Being a card carrying member of the Leafs nations means is shouldn't want a salary cap, but damn fix the issues man. I will be seriously pissed if they sit for a year and then come back with the same agreement they have now.

    Oddly I'm feeling a strange attraction to curling growing on me ... Oh Lord somebody help me!

  10. Curling...


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