where is the love for track???

  1. where is the love for track???

    Hey guys..im a long distance runner myself, and was just wondering why track really isnt that big...I know people who are really good have put theirselves through hours of hell. But no one seems to have a love for the sport like football. I love football to, and if i had size id play, but i was gifted at running. Why dont people give much credit to track runners?...

    Id love to hear from other runners, or just someone who likes the sport...

  2. Track just isn't exciting enough to get most peoples' attention IMO. Football is extremely exciting and that's why it's the most popular sport in the U.S. BTW, I know what you mean, I threw the shot put in high school and played football as well and we had like 5-10 parents watching. In football, we always filled the bleachers and once filled a community college for a play-off game because people like watching exciting sports.

  3. I just can't relate to it personally. I only run when I'm being chased.

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