Manning Beaten out for QB job at NY

  1. Manning Beaten out for QB job at NY

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) - Eli Manning remains the New York Giants' quarterback of the future. For now, the job belongs to Kurt Warner.

    Briefly citing Warner's experience and recent play, coach Tom Coughlin announced Sunday that the two-time MVP had beaten out the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft for the starting job in the season opener at Philadelphia on Sept. 12.
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    "We give Kurt the ball and say, 'Kurt, let's go win,"' Coughlin said, ending a competition that has dominated training camp.

    The choice wasn't surprising in the wake of Thursday's 17-10 loss to the Jets. Warner played well and Manning did not during his worst day on the field since signing a $45 million contract in late July.

    Warner hit 9-of-11 passes for 104 yards, leading the Giants to their only touchdown against the Jets. Manning was 4-of-14 for 20 yards, with two interceptions and a fumble that was returned for a Jets touchdown.

    Coughlin's decision puts Manning in a backup role for the first time since his redshirt freshman year at Mississippi in 2000, when Romaro Miller started.

    "I wasn't upset by it," Manning said. "I figured it might come. It doesn't change anything. I still have a lot to learn."

    That's why the Giants signed the 33-year-Warner in June after he was released by the St. Louis Rams. It was expected that he would be the caretaker quarterback until Manning, the brother of co-MVP Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts, was ready.

    Manning's exceptional play in training camp made Coughlin's decision more difficult.

    "The advancement of Eli has been largely due to the competitive nature of this position," Coughlin said. "I feel like he has advanced tremendously as a rookie in this league with all the information that has been thrown at him, and the way he's handled the majority of that, so I feel good about the two quarterbacks."

    Warner said the competition was nerve-racking at times.

    "It was a distinct challenge for me, a new challenge for me and I think it helped to push and force me to learn this stuff at a little faster pace," said Warner, who lost his starting job with the Rams to Marc Bulger after one game last season.

    Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Strahan said Warner's experience might have been the deciding factor.

    "Eli is still a young quarterback, still a rookie, and still has a lot to learn," Strahan said. "When we went into it, everybody assumed that Kurt was going to start with Eli getting the opportunity later on."

    The offense was pleased just to have a decision. It will give Warner two weeks to get ready for the Eagles.

    "You can feel a veteran presence out of him," halfback Tiki Barber said. "It's nothing against Eli. It was a competition. It was very heated. I think it made both of them better."

    When Manning does get on the field, tackle Luke Petitgout said the Giants won't miss a beat.

    "I think it's a good course to take with him," Petitgout said. "Let him learn, watch and get the feeling of being in the NFL for a while and come in and take over, eventually."

    The only question now is when that will happen, and how much patience Coughlin will have if Warner has a bad game. After seven seasons, Warner knows a quarterback controversy will be inevitable if the Giants lose a couple in a row.

    Even if Coughlin stands firm, New York fans won't hesitate to call for Manning after a 4-12 record last season under Jim Fassel.

    "I am going in thinking I am going to try to win every game and play as well as I possibly can and play to the level I can," said Warner, who was the Super Bowl MVP in 1999. "I am not worried about it."

  2. The Mannings are all such amazing athletes, Eli really has the gift. Loved watching him play for Ole Miss.

  3. I think its a good move...he didn't look to good against the jets but I think he will be very good very soon. Him and Peyton both throw great balls and are amazing football players. It will be interesting to see him go head to head with his brother.

  4. You know this has to bug Eli cause his brother started right away for the Colts. BTW, if Warner starts winning, Eli may ride the bench much longer than he anticipated

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  6. who cares the giants are going to be a joke this year no matter who they have at qb. It's better to start warner because I wouldn't want my future qb taking all the hits that warner is about to take with that patchwork o-line. Penny and the Jets are going to turn heads (praying)

  7. peyton didnt start out so well his rookie year; remember that

    i doubt the jets or the giants will do anything this year; just like last year... i guess it runs in the new york family along with the yankees

  8. Eli took a huge hit at the end of the game today.

  9. Oh man, I saw that. The network switched to that game and did he ever get planted! That was hilarious.

  10. gonna be really hilarious in about 3-4 years when he's one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl

  11. Yeah, it still will be.
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by Manu20
    Eli took a huge hit at the end of the game today.
    Number 2 on the espn "Jacked up"

  13. Ya that was a huge hit..the guy put all he had into the hit. I was suprised he got up that quickly.


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