Cardinals acruire Larry Walker

  1. Cardinals acruire Larry Walker

    In a move that will no doubt have major imlications for anyone hoping that someone besides St. Louis will be in the World Series, the Cardinals have acquired veteran outfielder Larry Walker

  2. I dont know how Larry Walker will play out in St.Louis. He was greatly aided by the Coors Factor in the past 4-5years. And he Best days are definitily behind him.
    With that said, St. Louis is certainly the frontrunner to take the NL.
    I'm sticking with Yankees - Dodgers though.
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  3. St Louis all the way!!

    Walker is another Huge Piece to the Puzzle thatll fit in nicely in the rotation.

    Itll make it tougher for the pitchers to pitch to a studded out Right/Left/Right/Left Hitting rotation.

  4. Deoudes, Walker is actually hitting much better this season at away games as opposed to games at Coors Field.

    Assuming Walker can stay healthy (big assumption) throughout the season, I think he'll do well. He's hitting pretty well now, and has more walks than Ks. Add all the protection around him with the big 3, I think he'll do well there.

  5. Hmm, well I haven't checked his Home vs. Away stats - I just haven't seen his usual stats from Coors in the Box Scores. He's availible in my fantasy league maybe ill pick him up.

    Where is he going to bat in the lineup?
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  6. I picked him up. I actually read the hitting better away vs. home in the little news things that they post in the Yahoo Fantasy Leagues.

  7. Nice addition but I do think he won't do as well as he did in Coors.

  8. St Louis is buzzing over this. We are pumped!

  9. You won't be as pumped when the Cubs beat them in the playoffs


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