Tyson Loses

  1. Tyson Loses

    I just read online where Mike Tyson was knocked out in the fourth round by7 Danny Williams. I guess this is it for him.

  2. Wow ! I thought he was a little better than that. He's practically done as far as I'm concerned. He should have had a better career

  3. He had a great career but he shoulda retired when he was on top. A series of really stupid decisions bankrupted his ass and he came back into the ring solely for money with winning his glory back as a secondary concern. Too many hungry young fighters out there not to come back with 110% dedication.

    He was damned amazing in his day though.

  4. I agree, he just needed some coin and knew he would get a payday, win or lose.

  5. hehe.... you suck T. Blatantly a 10 to 1 odd to win. Nice job

  6. Dude's a tool....he got what he deserves, karma's a bitch...

  7. Tyson fought for the money and I don't think it will be his last fight either. He looked good in the first 2 rounds and just about knocked Danny Williams around the ring like a rag doll. But after that you could see the time out of the ring caught up to him and his endurance was not there. Keep in mind he's only fought like 3 rounds in the last two years.

    As for Danny Williams the man hit's like a hammer, just because you haven't heard his name does not mean he's a bum. Fella's this guy is no average joe off the road he is going to the top. He throws big punches in combinations and my hat comes off to him. He took some big punches as well.

  8. Keep in mind that he twisted his knee in the first round. That in and of itself would drain the energy of anyone especially when you have to compensate with your other leg. Other factors include the fact that he came in at the heaviest weight of his career and that Danny Williams was, like, 60lbs heavier. All of those things are factors, not just excuses. I think he looked great up until he got gassed and, ultimately, knocked out. I also think he waited too deep into the count to try and stand. Had his hand not slipped off of the rope he would've gotten up in time and, IMO, would've lasted the round. Remember, he was winning on everyone's scorecard before the knockout. Just like Roy Jones, Jr. while they may seem like excuses, there were factors that affected the outcome. I think Tyson should have, at least, 1 or 2 more fights before throwing in the towel. Danny Williams is a nobody that got lucky. Antonio Tarver, while I think he is a good fighter, got lucky. A win is a win but a long career is a whole other matter.

  9. Tyson tore a ligament in his knee in the first round.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Tyson tore a ligament in his knee in the first round.

    I did not know that, more credit to him, many boxers would have the fight stopped. This injury should keep him out of action for 5-8 months unless he's Jerry Rice and can come back in 3 months froma torn knee ligament

  11. Yea.... mike's legs were shot after the first few rounds. No mobility and in boxing, thats a sign that a lost is inevitable. Also, he didnt want to get up anyways.... just sat on the mat already knowing he wasnt getting up

  12. Whose production company was this? Like HBO, Showtime, etc?

    Or was it strictly pay-per-view? I ask cuz I wanna watch it tonight cuz it'll be on again, if it's on one of the premium channels on satellite...

  13. Just found out on espn tyson tore a ligament in his knee, if it was torn for the whole fight it could be the reason he lost I mean, if tyson didn't tear that ligament he could have killed that guy

  14. Tyson is done...he was done a long time ago.

  15. i don't agree, tyson is not done. i think he can still rip the **** out of people but he has to get it done fast or not at all. and with his torn ligament it is understandable why he could not get the job done. i doubt that he will win the title again but he is one boxer that is fun to watch. i have never enjoyed watching anyone else fight as much as i like watching him.


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