The most dominating player in sports?

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  1. The most dominating player in sports?

    Who do you guys feel has the biggest impact in his particular sport?

    Baseball- hands down Barry Bonds
    Basketball- Shaq
    Football- tough because its hard to compare a defensive player to an offensive player. Ray Lewis has to be considered. Two years ago I would have said Warren Sapp.

    Lance Armstrong is the man for his particular sport as well. I don't watch enough hockey to comment on it. Overall I feel Bonds is the most dominating player is sports, for the simple fact that if he gets up to bat 10 times, he will be on base 7 times. AMAZING!

  2. yeah, OBP of .616 is amazing.

  3. Lance Armstrong will be dominant until he retires. He is just a speciman of stamina; it is really amazing.

  4. Actually, Lance is only particularly dominant in the Tour de France. There are many other cycling events that he does not dominate in. However, Tour de France is the biggest.

    Soccer- Zinedine Zidane.

  5. Shaq has to be the most dominant player in sports. Although, he may not be the best. Shaq is one of five players on a team. Also, he is truly a one of a kind player. Bonds, is one of nine on the field at one time. You can list other players in the league that are having just as much (or more) effect on the outcomes of games. In the NL Rolen comes to mind.

  6. Do you think that Freddy Adu kid will live up to the hype? The piece Real Sports did on him made him look unbelievable.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Do you think that Freddy Adu kid will live up to the hype? The piece Real Sports did on him made him look unbelievable.
    He is extremely talented, a prodigy really. However, his first year as a professional has been lacking. He has not adjusted well to the professional game in USA, which is on a lower level than European leagues. Part of his problems may simply be that he is young mentally. I think another 2 years will truly let us see what Adu will be. He will be 16 or 17 by then which is a good age to see how he has developed as a player.
    Some players, like Ronaldo in the past, are world class by that age.

  8. As for hockey, at least these days, there really aren't any dominating players. You could argue, MAYBE, Martin Brodeur. At least in recent years, he's the only player I've seen personally steal a series or two. Hockey is such a dynamic sport, always moving, 15 or so guys on*each team, that it's tough for someone to regularly affect the outcome of games night in and night out.

  9. Agree with bonds and o'neal. Payton Manning is probably the 'most important and statistically" impressive player in the league so I'll give the nod over Lewis, Brooks or any defensive player. Which sports hasnt been covered..... golf? tennis? Still has to be Tiger even without a major in 3 years. In tennis, it has to go to Federer

  10. Quote Originally Posted by sage
    In tennis, it has to go to Federer
    No doubt. He is one of the most talented players EVER.. His biggest problem is that he is so physically gifted that he has trouble deciding when and what to use b/c he has so many options. He won Wimbledon without a coach which is unheard of in tennis.

  11. Tim Duncan!!!!!!

  12. Bernard Hopkins for boxing.

  13. Basketball - Shaq (physically) and Jordan (every other-ly)
    Baseball - Bonds (duh)
    Strongman - Magnus VM
    UFC - Couture, even more astounding cause he's like 40
    Sumo - Akibono (maybe not the most dominating but my favorite.)
    Finally how about the most dominating family in sports, namely the Gracies. They are their own army, jm2c

  14. Football-Tom Brady:He isn't spectacular during the regular season, but he knows how to win, he knows where the mismatches are, and he knows how to use the talent of his teammates.
    Basketball-Shaq, I don't need an explanation for this one.
    Baseball-Barry Bonds, I don't need an explanation for this one but Albert Pujols comes the closest to him and he may be the heir appearant to Bonds

  15. Lance Armstrong, Randy Moss, and Barry Bonds
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  16. Tim Duncan...

  17. If this was a couple years ago, then Jeff Gordon and Tiger Woods.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Physicist
    If this was a couple years ago, then Jeff Gordon and Tiger Woods.
    Let's talk about real athletes

  19. You all have forgotten about bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman

  20. randy moss u scare u scare
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  21. hands down michael schumacher in F1 and barry in baseball

  22. folks I'm most impressed with:

    Michael Schumacher: I LOVE F1 and at the pinnacle of the sport is the most unbelievably dominant and talented driver in history. His records are beyond amazing for ANY sport, particularly his. He has WON more races than most drivers ever even start in their careers, and shows no sign of letting up (though he's now the oldest in the field)... disciplined, could go on and on about this guy... sets the bar for excellence.

    Lance Armstrong: I can't even imagine where this guy finds the tenacity and intensity to do what he does, truly remarkable... nuff said.

    Roger Federer: Most graceful, well rounded and naturally gifted tennis pro possibly ever. Agassi gets a nod for his work ethic and consistency (amazing for his age still). I personally believe that if he were to get himself a coach and take his training up a notch or two he could stay at the top as long as he wants.

    Ray Lewis/Peyton Manning: For almost opposite reasons these two always impress me as being truly elevated among pretty much everyone else in the league, although the NFL is SO team oriented it's impossible to pick one stand alone person. Ray Lewis is a total beast/animal/freak, and I swear he has 100% nitroglycerin pumping through his veins. Manning's methodical approach and analytical abilities combine with his raw talent and work ethic to make him the most consistent, dangerous passer and (for all intents and purposes) offensive coordinator in the league.

    quick mention of other greats:

    Jerry Rice: undoubtedly the best player at his position in history, arguably the "best" football player of all time

    Wayne Gretzky: called "The Great One" for a reason, set an absurd number of records

    Pete Sampras: 14 Grand Slam titles, 6 years in a row ranked #1 (286 total weeks), 762 career wins, etc... Federer looks awesome but he has a looong way to go to come close to this man.

    Jordan: duh. owned like no other. made grown, professional basketball players look like inept children year after year.

  23. Vote still goes to hardest to coach against - Randy Moss
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  24. F1-M. Schumacher, no real contest.

    Boxing-Hopkins is the best there is pound for pound. His knockout of De La Hoya should seal that, and I still say he will go down as one of the greatest ever in the sport.

    Kickboxing-Would have to give that to Ernesto Hoost. He isn't called Mr. Perfect for no reason.

  25. have to disagree with M Schumacher; sure he is an above average driver; but he's also driving the best car... put him on a lesser team and he will not perform at this level; case in point, check his past history... truth is ALL F1 drivers are incredible drivers and pretty much most the drivers in other sports couldnt hope to be a TEST driver for F1; it takes some kinda small superhuman to do it... but the winner comes down to the car most of the time... Ferrari is so far ahead of everyone in suspension its just crazy... look for Toyota to catch up in about 5-6 years... they are throwing more money at it than anyone else... they already make the most power

    new restrictions coming soon i hear; rule changes since the current cars are getting too fast; most are thought to be touching nearly 1000hp out of their 3.0L V10s... rumors of a 2.5L V6 winding out 23000+ rpms will be the new thing soon...

    best driver i've seen is jacque villenue... he's done some crazy **** in a slow car...

    as far as football; hands down its Peyton Manning; the Colts offense is HIS offense... he is the military commander and uses his offense as a weapon; and a deadly weapon it is; i've never ever seen someone quite as dangerous offensively as he is... give him what he needs, a good OL, good receivers, and a decent runningback and you've got the best offense in the NFL

    baseball; barry bonds isnt impactful; the giants didnt make the playoffs and havent really gotten much of anywhere in all the years he's been there... I think impact players would be people like Rolan, Pujols, Dusty Baker as a 2nd year CUBS manager is doing pretty good, and many others... Barry Bonds is a single good player but the teams he plays for dont win when it counts...


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