Dallas Cowboy haters!!! Post here

  1. Dallas Cowboy haters!!! Post here

    I'm an old Dallas Cowboys fan from the Staubach days. As long as Jerry jones is our owner, GM, and COACH we will never win again.

    Will an Eagles, Redskins or Giants fan please just kill me now. I'll pay you.....

  2. Murder gets 25 to life, why not just become a giants fan, we're the last respectable team in the nfc east, eli for president
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  3. At least you guys didn't have watch your team go 13-3 in the regular season, secure home field through out and then lay an egg and get ripped to shreds by Arron Rogers.

    Nawh I'm not bitter or anything.

  4. ya giants couldnt do that cause they cant get past philly
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  5. Used to be a Cowboys Hater...But I am a fan of Romo's new girl so I hate no longer ...

  6. I hate those ****ers no matter what! Live close to Dallas and I hate all there fans too

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    Murder gets 25 to life, why not just become a giants fan, we're the last respectable team in the nfc east, eli for president
    Tell me you're kidding

    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
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  8. Jerry Jones as owner/gms not that bad. Try being a Bengals fan and having Mike Browns clueless ass run your team. Fastest owner to 200 losses, slowest owner to 100 wins, 2 playoff apperances in 20 years, both were 1st round losses. Hasent drafted a probowler since Carson Palmer, that should change with Greshem, Dunlap, Green all coming in the few drafts though. Mike Brown is by far the WORST owner/gm in professional sports. You should feel lucky you have Jerry Jones who actually has some clue of what hes doing atleast.

  9. ima b honest here. born and raised in philly, now live in houston....i dont hate the dallas as a team. i hate the fans and jerry. the fans only response is the rings so that makes them the best? phillies won in 2008, doesnt make them the best team right now does it? didnt think so. the only team i truly hate with a passion are the Ginas, i mean Giants.
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  10. I've always been a Cowboy hater too. It all started when Emmit Smith kept taking his helmet off when he'd score a td. Nobody wants to see your face, loser!! Put your helmet back on, A-hole!!

    Yeah, I'm a loyal Det Lions fan. I miss the Barry Sanders years.... I miss a winning season. Maybe this year!

  11. all you dallas fans, check this out. how does it make you feel, that after the eagles vs cowboys game, your RB (i think felix jones?) asked mike vick for an autograph lol
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  12. wow r1 if your a houstonian your suppost to be a texans fan! phoney
    shut up and squat!!!

  13. philadelphian for life brotha! c u at the gym at 6 fool
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  14. I have faith in the Boys.

  15. its goin be a rough year.I feel bad for jason garrett he's going get fired and he is a great QB and Offensive coach

  16. giants just had a few losses this week. torn ACLs...sucks. i hate to see players go down. when we beat NY, i want them at full strength.
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  17. Dallas Sucks...

    Giants Rule...

    cept... this year it will be Philly...

    giants f'd up with Osi.. and some other players they should have rewarded.... idiots

    Dallas... .well Romo.. I mean Romo?!?! ahahah... but at least you got those 2 new rooks on the O-line... that might pay off.

    but like I said.. its an Eagles year I think... just a sick amount of talent on that team now...
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