Poll: Hardest NFL Hitter:Clay Matthews -or- Troy Polamalu?

Hardest NFL Hitter:Clay Matthews -or- Troy Polamolu

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  1. You all are wrong! I lol Jerome Harrison
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by matt8483 View Post
    Ray Lewis!
    Ray Lewis hits people hard...........with knives!

    I kid, I kid...Ray is a beast. It's actually been a pleasure to have such a great player as an intense division competitor for all these years.

  3. Troy is a monster. James harrison plays the game like it should be played. I mean you could take alot of guys from the steelers. Ryan clark tees off on people.

  4. T-Sizzle should be in the conversation.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.


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