Lakers looking into getting Melo!

  1. Lakers looking into getting Melo!

    I don't know about y'all but if i've grown up a die hard Lakers fan since i was a youngin (born and raised mostly in ca/nv). If the lakers could pull something like this off we'd be tough to compete with assuming everyone meshes quickly and he learns our offense.

    What do y'all think?

    BTW: It'd mean we'd have to lose Bynum but that's a loss i could deal with eventually.

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    I personally see NY still as a better fit for him with Felton and Stoudamire. I think he'd do fine in LA, but you'd see it taking time to pan out just the way it is in Miami. I just don't see it being as good of a fit for Melo himself.

    We'll see, though.

  3. You may be right but with LA he gets a contender this year as opposed to maybe a couple of years down the line...New York could lose a lot of those skill players they have leave there bench looking a tad slim. You have to look at it from the Denver stand point too..If Bynum stays healthy he can be an elite center in the league...Denver wouldn't be getting such a player from New York...more role players but that's just IMO.

    We'll see.
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    I agree about the contending factor. It depends on what he wants. But for the next few years, I'd see NY being a way better fit for him - where he could be a star and still win (their offensive production has been better than LA's as of late). The thing is, it doesn't matter so much what's best for Denver since Melo has final say in vetoing what he doesn't want. If he doesn't like it, he'll just wait til free agency and then go where he wants.

    I'm definitely interested to see how it plays out, but I'd love to see him in a Knicks uniform. See a huge shift of lopsided talent in the East instead of the West.

  5. Seems like the East has been week for the last decade but trade deadlines in a few weeks so i'm excited to see how this pans out.

  6. hmm thats a tough trade it could work though

  7. I see him heading to NY personally, and I really think this is a method of getting the price from the Knicks raised.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    I see him heading to NY personally, and I really think this is a method of getting the price from the Knicks raised.
    I agree on both points. It's like the Cliff Lee debacle.

  9. this is a no brainer in my opinion, bynum is a good center, his offensive skills are good, but he can't stay healthy, you know what your getting with melo, a top flight player and a player who can score....however if melo comes to the lakers i think phil needs to sit him down and let him know he has to crash the boards since they are losing a big man

  10. bynum with the lakers reminds me of bob sanders for the colts....when he's there he could be a force and is a good player, but is injuried so often that they should almost be used to playing without him and knowing he's always injuried should have the appropriate backup

  11. After seeing the Lakers lose to Cleveland we need something...I think we still have a major chance to contend this year but looking into the future i don't see it happening as easily unless we start getting younger...and not from the draft.


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