So I did this awhile back and it got positive responses. Unfortunately due to military commitments I wasn't able to do it every week. Ill post what the lines are and who I think will win and a preview of the game...LET'S GET IT ON!!!!

    SUNDAY, 12 DEC. 2010 - 1:00PM EST


    I'm taking the Bills in a slight edge. Yea, Peyton Hillis has performed better than all the running backs on the Bills COMBINED…but Delhomme is starting and I think that Buffalo's Defense will have a field day with him! Throw in how Ryan Fitzpatrick (one of only five quarterbacks in Bills history to throw for at least 20 touchdowns) and Steve Johnson (easily a Pro Bowl year) have performed and ultimately I think the Bills got this one.


    Uh yea ATL and the points, please. Yea the Panthers' rushing attack is starting to heat back up, but they're now going against one of the best Run Defenses in the league. Also "Matty Ice" and "Rowdy Roddy" are going to have a field day. Couple that with the 1-2 punch of Michael Turner and Jason Snelling and you've got yourself a fully confused and over worked Carolina defense.


    Yes, I think Green Bay wins....but by 7?!?!? In Detroit, a major division opponent, this should be close. If Stafford was playing I'd probably give this the upset of the week. But don't sleep on that Lions D-Line! I think Rodgers will be in trouble with Suh and Co. coming after him every other play. Don't sleep on the Lions - they ARE on the up and up!!


    This would be close on a neutral field...but let's not forget what happens when Oakland generally travels all the way to the east - they usually get crushed. McFadden has been a great surprise (3rd in the NFL with 122.1 yards from scrimmage per game) and Jacoby Ford is showing up every other receiver on that roster (we're looking at you, Mr. 1st rounder Darrius Heyward-Bey). But alas MJD has 5 consecutive 100 yard games (the Jags are #2 in the league for their rushing attack), David Garrard has been a top-five passer the second half of the season (seriously...look it up), and while the Raiders' pass d is great and all, their rush defense is AMONG THE NFL's WORST!!! I take Jags and the points.


    Favre is limping back into the lineup after AGAIN getting injured. Not to mention the Giants' fearsome pass rush is coming in to play on turf...Favre doesn't finish the game (which interestingly enough may HELP!). Funny note: wouldn't it be funny if Eli makes the playoffs and Payton doesn't? And yes, Eli is playing good football. And oh-by-the-way the Giants have one of the league's best Rush offenses. And now Eli may get some of his main receivers back! And the Giants' D is #2 against the pass and #7 against the run!!! I take the Giants and the points.
    Funny thing I was thinking about regarding Childress: Getting fired is traumatic in any profession, especially when your employer tells you "We'll pay you to leave; just go, for the love of God, GO!!!!!" Having that firing covered by the press, and dissected by fans, would be equally traumatic (especially if your players were creaming you after the fact). But if the team quickly turns things around upon your departure, where does that leave your self-esteem? I coached those guys so poorly, even my unqualified assistant ended up doing better than me. I think we're going to see a bearded Brad Childress wandering around San Diego drinking from a carton of milk soon.


    Sandwiched between the Ravens (last week) and the Jets (next week) on Pittsburgh's schedule? The lowly Bengals, losers of nine straight and, really, just plain losers. Translation: This reeks of the dreaded Trap/Letdown Combo for the Steelers. Be careful, Everyone Throwing Pittsburgh Into a Three-Team Tease This Weekend. It's a division rivalry...but it's in Pitt. Hate to do it but I gotta take Pitt AND the points (BUT I REFUSE TO PUT MONEY ON THIS!). Mike Wallace and Hines Ward look to feast on a once-vaunted, but now injured secondary. Big Ben against a team with little pass rush is a mismatch. This could be the final game in this rivalry for Marvin Lewis, Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco. Cedric Benson is still somewhat of a bright spot...but Pitt's run d is #1 IN THE NFL!!!


    Hmmm....a team that seemed to quit already on their seemingly inept coach plus the benching Haynesworth for the season vs the team that just realized that 2 of their best players, CB Aqib Talib and C Jeff Faine, end up on IR. In Washington. Hmmmmm...The Bucs have stayed in the hunt by beating lesser teams, but losing to winning teams. The Redskins seem to play up or down to the level of their opponent. Something has to give. I'll take the ‘Skins in cold weather. AND WHO THE HELL DECIDED THAT WEARING THE LOSER-ORANGE THROWBACKS WERE A GOOD IDEA LAST WEEK IN TAMPA BAY?!?!?! On Haynesworth: one of the league's worst owners badly overpaid a shaky character guy who tried hard in a contract year, roped somebody into overpaying him, then mailed it in from that point on? Wow, what a crazy sequence of events! That never happens! Nobody saw that coming!

    SUNDAY, 12 DEC. 2010 - 4:15PM EST


    9?!?!? Really? No f*cking way! I think the Saints win, but I could actually see the Rams upsetting here. Anything over 7 is usually reserved for the cupcakes going into a powerhouse, and that’s NOT the case here. I take New Orleans for the win…but give the points to the Rams. Sam Bradford is thriving despite a decimated receiving group. The Rams defense is holding teams below 20 points a game. But Reggie Bush IS overdue to dazzle the home crowd. Steven Jackson is needed to carry a heavy load down the stretch. The Saints could re-establish their ground game with Pierre Thomas rounding into health.


    Redemption for the season opener? As much as it would seem the 49ers should be cooked, they're still in the hunt in this miserable division. As are the Seahawks, who have been blown out frequently lately. Oh yea and now the 9ers are going back to Alex Smith (not a good sign). A little statistical stuff: Seattle is in the bottom 1/3 of the league in every offensive AND defensive category. I’m taking the 9ers and the points because they are at home. And by the way: it’s probably a bad sign that more people wear San Fran Giants apparel to the 9ers games than actual 9er apparel.

    DENVER (-4.5) @ ARIZONA

    Yay, the Toilet Bowl game of the week!!! I think ‘Zona is the worst team in the league and the Broncos show sparks of talent, so I’d take the Broncos winning….but I don’t bet on toilet bowl games vs the spread. Stat fact: The Cards are ranked #25 in Pass defense AND THAT’S THEIR BEST CATEGORY!!! Did I mention Rookie (5th round pick) John Skelton will make his first NFL start Sunday?!?! Hmmm…and the Broncos are the 3rd team to fire their coach before the season is over (and it’s worked out for the other 2). **** it – take the points.


    Monday Night let-down? Tired from the short week and going against one of the elite defenses in the NFL??!?!?! Did you know the Pats are 31st in the league in Pass D and Yardage? Mike Martz has the Bears much more balanced the last five weeks with his run-to-pass play-call ratio. This is the kind of game where Devin Hester usually does something special. I take the Pats after watching that performance Monday Night…but I can’t bet on the spread this game. Should be an awesome game.


    Miami for the upset BECAUSE I’M A BIG F*CKING HOMER!!!! Seriously I wouldn’t bet on the spread – it’s always a close hard fought rivalry. And hopefully Miami watches enough of that Monday Night game film to beat the Jets and continue their crash back down to Earth!! Not to mention Miami is better on the road for some reason. “Hammerin’” Cameron Wake is gonna give Sanchez headaches all day. This could be a difficult day for the Jets to run the ball. Will L.T. slow down in December? Will the Jets' late-game magic reverse? Stat facts: Miami’s D is among the best in the league in every statistical category. Thanks to Denver for giving us Mike Nolan!!! Did I mention Brandon Marshall should be back?


    Brodie Croyle's record as a starter: 0-9. 'Nuff said. The Chargers look to avenge a Week 1 loss at Arrowhead, while the Chiefs look to stake a claim to the AFC West title with a sweep. A win would likely lock this up for KC, even if the Raiders go 6-0 in the division. Philip Rivers has played like an MVP candidate all season. The Chiefs' top-ranked rushing attack goes up against one of NFL's top defenses. Can anyone stop D - Bowe? Well the Chargers won’t have to worry about that with Croyle under center…not to mention the Chargers have the BEST pass D in the league (and they’re also #5 vs the run)!!!


    PHILLY (-3) @ DALLAS

    Throw out the records. It's an old-school NFC East showdown. I take Philly for the win, but no way am I betting on this craziness. Trent Cole is leading the league in QB hurries/knockdowns. He faces a depleted offensive line here. Field conditions should be ideal for Michael Vick to wreak havoc. The Cowboys are trying to close strong with Jason Garrett at the helm, and a win here coupled with that Colts win would be huge. Unfortunately Dez is out so that limits things more than most realize.



    I’d take the Raven and the 3 points. Even though the Texans have the offensive firepower to test the Ravens down-field, where they can struggle. Arian Foster is a load as well. Interesting match-up. Can the Texans save Gary Kubiak's bacon in December again? Ray Rice hasn't had a big season but this could be a good spot for him. Anquan Boldin could post another big game.
    until now. yup I put money on every game too. excuse me while i go drink myself smart.

  2. No one has any thoughts?!??!?!
    until now. yup I put money on every game too. excuse me while i go drink myself smart.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by neofrost83 View Post
    No one has any thoughts?!??!?!
    Pretty good picks, if in a pool you would have done pretty well. It seems that there aren't too many NFL enthusiasts on this board any more. I think at this point the Jets, Rex Ryan and their fans have gotten the message, shut the eff up until you do something.

  4. i must say, the worst week of the nfl football this year, the televised games for me were the lions and packers which was a borefest, the steelers and bengals was an ugly game, and that wonderful barn burner of the miami dolphins and the jets....

    to me the most exciting game seemed to be the raiders and jags....who woulda thought that would be the best game

  5. The Eagles\Cowboy game was a good watch, typical NFC East match-up.



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