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  2. This article encapsulates what the majority of the country thinks about this year's edition of the BCS NCG:

    Excuse me for my lack of holiday cheer. It's hard to be merry when the two best players in college football – Auburn's Cam Newton and Oregon's LaMichael James -- have turned the national title game into the Sewer Bowl.
    Moral dilemma for college football fans: How do you clap your hands and hold your nose at the same time?
    As for SEC Commissioner Michael Slive, he says Newton retained his eligibility because there is no evidence the player knew of his father's "reprehensible act." Puh-leeze. I would have had much more respect for Slive if he'd have just admitted that Cam Newton is the SEC's meal ticket to a fifth straight national championship.
    And my personal favorite...

    It's a good thing one of Auburn's most revered football traditions is to hang toilet paper from the trees at Toomer's Corner after big victories. The Tigers will need every bit of that toilet paper to wipe away the stench emanating from this BC-Mess National Championship Game.

  3. Here's a handy-dandy flow chart for those lazy folks who didn't read the first post...


  4. Did anyone catch the ESPN interview where he referred to himself in the 3rd person, dodged the "the money was too much" issue, and called his dad "Cecil?"

    Chris Fowler: "So the reports are untrue that you had conversations with them (the Mullens) about Auburn payments?"

    Cam Newton: "I'm not going to talk about any reports."

    Now, I'm pretty sure Auburn wouldn't have frowned on Cam answering, "Yes, those reports are untrue"...

    Unless giving that answer would be a lie.

    It's mind-blowing to me that anyone, including an Auburn fan, could watch that interview and not know with every fiber in their being that Newton is a pathological liar.

    Mark McGuire was more convincing.

    Btw, am I the only one who sees this guy on trial in the future for killing a white woman? (no O.J.)

  5. I'll get to all your responses hooter Tomorrow when I have some time. For some one who talks about gathering facts you really haven't produced much more then biased views and taking quotes out of context an interpreting them in a way that suites your argument. I'm all for debate an hearing what people believe an why they think it to be true whether it be ignorantly spoken out of there ass or not. I don't have a desire to go round an round regardless of any proven points in a he said she said posting war. No **** the NCAA hasn't been able to prove anything. Most of the investigation was spawned from wire taps on individuals suspected of washing dirty money. The NCAA was instructed to start with Mississippi State i.e. The Auburn investigation probably wont have any light shed on it for 2 years. Yes it would be naive to believe their isn't a big name school that doesn't operate by giving "incentives" to players to be drawn to there school. It's another argument completely to act as if any indication made is bull****. Idc what you hear on the Jim Rome show in the afternoons after school honestly or read on espn. It's irrelevant to say the least.
    If you fall apart in crisis, then there wasn't much to you to start with

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rubberring View Post
    Did anyone catch the ESPN interview where he referred to himself in the 3rd person, dodged the "the money was too much" issue, and called his dad "Cecil?"

    Now, I'm pretty sure Auburn wouldn't have frowned on Cam answering, "Yes, those reports are untrue"...

    Unless giving that answer would be a lie.

    It's mind-blowing to me that anyone, including an Auburn fan, could watch that interview and not know with every fiber in their being that Newton is a pathological liar.

    Mark McGuire was more convincing.

    Btw, am I the only one who sees this guy on trial in the future for killing a white woman? (no O.J.)
    If you fall apart in crisis, then there wasn't much to you to start with

  7. The entire SEC Conference is corrupt.

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    The entire SEC Conference is corrupt.
    That's right, the whole thing is, but it sure does feel sweet to demolish the competition year, after year, after year, after year, after....uhhhhh, yeah, year.

  9. Also, I cant put much faith into the NCAA bias accusal. Auburn had a great recruiting class in 93, went undefeated. And, they were hit with probation then as well before season.

    This thing didn't just end in a short period, it's been ongoing. Everyone close or "behind the scenes" knows that it's been going for months now.

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    I just think it's funny that everyone posts all of these "ideas" like they know more than the NCAA and SEC. I had never once heard about the casino thing with the Auburn players. The only casino scanadals have been with politicians such as the idiotic mayor of Birmingham. Don't get me wrong, this state is corrupt. But if Auburns players were really running to the casino weekly to get money, it'd be pretty obvious. Kids have too big of mouths for that not to get out.

    No comments about Alabama having top recruiting classes every year but the current #25 recruiting class paying all of it's players? Or the rest of my post for that matter.

    I like argument, I have just seen way too many conspiracy theories and they seem to be getting more and more ridiculous.
    One thing, I can tell you with absolute specificity that Auburn players have been to Victory land and won small sums of money, $100, 200, 300-500 bucks here and there. Yet, some people go daily and have yet to win a dime; however, some go once and win a few hundred thousand. But, how do you explain that these 3-5 players can go and consistently win $100-500 bucks every few of weeks?

    If I give a guy a card and have someone that works there tell him to play a certain section of machines because they are more prone to hit, why wouldn't the kid play those machines and believe he/she is honestly winning the money? It does not have to be that they are TOLD that they are going to be given "left handed" winnings via fixed machines. I am not saying either way, they knew or didn't know or was weary or not, but I know some have been there and won. I also know that some have gone in and were under the legal age to play...these are facts, not propaganda.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by h0other View Post
    Again, please answer this question. Name ONE thing that has been proven that Auburn has done wrong.

    "All the circumstantial stuff points to sCam taking money at Auburn"

    I asked you this before and you ran from it. Let's see if you can answer it this time.

    If cam Did in fact take money from AUBURN I will boycot going to any Auburn game for a long period of time. It'll mean that I wasted thousands of dollars and time this year. However, I don't think so. I wouldnt of spent 2,000 dollars on NC Airfaire and tickets if I did think this season was bogus. Trust me, if it happened, I'll be as disappointed as anyone. Probably wont be a college football fan period for a long time. But I have not seen ONE FACT that states that Auburn did anything wrong.
    How in the hell does cam newton taking money mean that you have wasted yours?

    Pardon me but this really isn't toward you but I hear that statement all the time, or similar. So what if he took money? How does taking money to play for a certain school make that player better? So, if he takes money then that magically gives him athletic talent and skills? If he takes money then that magically makes other players better, better blocking schemes, defensive schemes magically just appear in the coach's head?

    Some fvvvking how taking money just magically makes the team gel and have a championship season? This is why I continue to shrug my shoulders when people say that Julio took money to play for Alabama. I say, ok, and what? Him taking money does not make him better at torching defenses...

  12. Quote Originally Posted by rubberring View Post
    Here's a handy-dandy flow chart for those lazy folks who didn't read the first post...

    hahaha too shay
    If you fall apart in crisis, then there wasn't much to you to start with

  13. Joe Schad reports that the NCAA is "very satisfied with the judgement on Cam Newton, case closed".

    Or "close cased" according to that moron.

  14. It's okay. In 5 years they'll vacate his heisman and the national title.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ouTTKAst View Post
    This is really long, but very interesting. There is too much smoke for at least some of this not to be true

    Way back in 1992-93, rumors and allegations surrounding AU's football program are swirling around Head Coach Pat Dye, Asst. Coach Wayne Hall, and Board of Trustee Member Bobby Lowder claiming lump sums of cash as well as monthly payments to highly touted recruits were being made by the Coaching Staff and Board of Trustee members. Bobby Lowder is AU BoT member since 1988, and Chairman of AU Finance Committee. Also the largest booster with AU Athletics. Current Trustee position expires Late 2011. Was chairman and CEO of Colonial BancGroup, a $25Billion Nat’l. Bank headquartered in Montgomery Al. until it’s failure in Mid-Late August, 2009. Lowder is often thought of as the Wizard behind the Curtain, manipulating the Ala. Political Machine as well as the AU BoT and AD as he feels. Up until Colonial’s failure and takeover and liquidation by the Feds, Lowder was labeled as the most powerful man in Alabama. Also the most disliked individual within AU, outside of his inner circle. Supposedly, 50-60 boosters would each contribute $5,000 to facilitate the payments. Hall collected the money from the boosters, as well as making the payments to the players. Hall and Dye also paid an Atlanta Atty $30,000 to forward onto Gene Jelks to keep him squeeling about Pay For Players programs at Bama.
    Eric Ramsey (a defensive back at AU in the early 1990s) used a tape recorder to secretly record conversations between his football coaches and Booster "Corky" Frost regarding an illicit player payment scheme. Ramsey's allegations also included racist practices at Auburn, including disapproval of inter-racial dating in the community and segregation of black and white players in the resident athletic dorm. After his tapes were revealed, on August 18, 1993, Auburn was hit with some of the most severe penalties in the history of the NCAA (at that time). These included a two-year bowl ban, a one-year television ban (for the 1993 season), and the loss of 13 scholarships spread out over a four-year period. Dye was also banned from any appearance at an Auburn function until August 1995.
    Now fast forward to 2007 when Nick Saban shows up at Bama. Lowder and Co. are scared about Bama's hire and want current Coach Tommy Tuberville out, allegedly because Tubs won't "actively" participate in Pay For Player schemes which Lowder and Co. feel is necessary to compete with Bama's new hire. Also, Tubs hire of Franklin as Off Coordinator was a compete failure. Tony Franklin was the much Maligned OC hired by Tubs to install the Spread Offense. He never really had the proper personnel at skilled positions, and was later fired for lack of performance. He was most noted for his quote in the Newspapers sometime after his termination – “People would be shocked at the stuff that goes on at Auburn - it would make headlines for the National Enquirer”
    In 2008 mid-season, a member of the Board of Trustees makes contact with Houston Nutt , violating the search notification clause in TTubs' Contract Renegotiation after Tubberville had found out the previous season that BOT members flew to meet with Bobby Petrino about becoming the coach at Auburn. Nutt tells Sexton (his Agent), which in turn tells Tubs who is also a Sexton Client. Tubs resigns, gets a huge settlement, leaving Au coachless. Lowder and AU continue search, which ultimately leads to the hiring of Chizik, a former Sexton client which with a 5-19 record would knowingly jump at any opportunity to enhance his resume. Chizik also was familiar with Lowder, Dye, and Co., as he previously acted as DC under Tubs, making him a perfect "puppet" for Lowder and crew to manipulate. Chizik's Recruiting Coordinator is Trooper Taylor who has always been suspected of illegal recruiting practices.

    Before the actual events and behind the scene motivations of CamGate can be fully understood, one needs to comprehend the inner workings of Alabama’s political system and the players pulling the strings. The course of events leading up to the wire taps, investigations, and ultimate indictments are starting to surface and are becoming VERY VERY interesting……
    1st is an Article in the Tuskegee News dated October 21st. In short, the writer suggests a lobbying/consulting group has been used by the Auburn Athletic Foundation to launder cash ultimately ending up in the hands of players/player families. Robert Geddie was a partner in the firm Fine-Geddie until his indictment and arrest in October. According to the Department of Justice, (Geddie) was nailed for allegedly working with the state’s major gambling interests to influence and/or buying votes favoring proposed gambling houses. The indictment was based primarily on wire taps of cell phone and land-line conversations with those now rumored to have facilitated the Pay For Players scheme.
    Adding fuel to the fire are the ties between former Colonial Bank Chairman and BOT member Bobby Lowder (Bank of $25Billion failed earlier this year), Milton McGregor (Dog Track, Bingo, and Casino Owner), and Pat Dye (former AU Football Coach). These were the three largest shareholders of the now defunct Colonial BancGroup, a mortgage brokerage, commercial banking, and mortgage warehousing firm based in Montgomery, Al. McGregor was indicted about the same time as Geddie. Wire-taps were the backbone behind the indictments, but it has been speculated by most the FBI overheard conversations between McGergor, BOT members, Dye, and coaches talking about the Pay For Player schemes that are speculated at Auburn. What most are saying is that the FBI just stumbled into the Pay For Players scheme while gathering the voter fraud and political corruption evidence. Notice how the 1st person the FBI supposedly questioned regarding Cam and his Father was John Bond. Next, they went to Kenny Rodgers Speculation is the Feds are gathering the bits and pieces from the MSU side which can be proven or substantiated with the wire tap tapes they have between all of these AU Boosters, and then are going to the AU side corner those suspects either in perjured testimony, or extortion charges relating to this unintended evidence. Once they are able to turn the smaller players, the FBI will turn the pleas against the real targets. Think about it for a minute. The FBI could care less about college football unless it involves organized gambling or extortion. They are after evidence of Voter Influence, mis-appropriation of Bank Funds, extortion, and embezzlement.
    Remember TMZ’s report earlier and why the FBI was involved in the 1st place. They implied that the FBI is more interested in efforts to shop players around, not just a single player (extortion). This was again confirmed Friday, November 12th when John Bond stated the reason for the FBI’s questioning was that "They don't want people selling kids to colleges." One editorial out of Mobile included this little gem the other day - With Milton McGregor involved in this as an Auburn booster watch out. The FBI has listened to every phone conversation from his office in the past year. He is the dirtiest multi-millionaire in Alabama. They say there were Payoffs with Poker Chips to Auburn players, Colonial Bank ATM Cards handed out, and guaranteed winnings at McGregor’s casinos for Auburn players and recruits. This thing now goes way beyond Pay For Player schemes, and it appears the FED’s goal is to build the ultimate case against Bobby Lowder. Here is what is being said about Lowder’s tie in to all of this.

    This goes way beyond Cam. They say the FBI, while monitoring the Bingo mess in Montgomery and also investigating the misappropriation of TARP funds by Colonial Bank, uncovered many, many things. Such things include guaranteed winning slot machines for AU players at Milt’s (Colonial Board member, AU Booster) Casino, unmarked ATM cards issued to AU players from Colonial Bank (Bobby Lowder-AU Board Member and Booster; Pat Dye-Colonial Board member, AU employee and Booster), forgiven loans to families, friends, donors, etc. If true, big time jail time, loss of SACS accreditation which means expulsion from the SEC, huge financial implications for AU, removal of Dye’s name from the field and so on.
    “The Feds have tape from wire taps made on McGregor and other prominent Auburn boosters from their investigation. The Newton's were just shopping their talent's to the wrong people at the wrong time and thus there is hard evidence available that incriminates everyone involved. It's only a matter of time that all of this information becomes public.
    FBI found out about Cam before the NCAA did while wiretapping Milton McGregor and others related to the casino/bingo indictments. The allegation is that Milton McGregor was the money man for Auburn. It would be real convenient and easy to launder money and hide it with an operation like Victoryland Casino that handles huge amounts of cash on a daily basis. The FBI uncovered conversations with McGregor, Auburn and Cam's uncle in Michigan. McGregor paid $250K to the uncle through a PAC and other hidden entities and the uncle funneled the money to Cecil.
    The FBI gave this information to the NCAA sometime after the indictments were handed down. They had to sit on the information for 6 months until the grand jury indicted the men and women in the gambling deal. All of the wiretap information was sealed and that is why the delay in investigating. The NCAA had to go to Miss St to see if Cecil had solicited money from them as well. That is why Miss St is involved. They are basically connecting all of the dots. Miss St may be cleared because they told Cecil no. He then went to Auburn. The offer was on the table from McGregor but Cam wanted to play at Miss St and not Auburn. When Miss St declined to pay him, he went to where the money was... hence the comment by Cam Newton, "The money was too much."

    Recruiting--Now, let's take a look and see why the sudden interest in Auburn by Recruits?

    Coach Chiz (with a 5-19 record at his previous school) was hired December 13th, 2008. Auburn’s Class consisted of 28 players being signed, ranked 25th in the Country (LSU #1, Bama #2, Fla. #5, UGA #6, USCe #12, UTenn, #15, ARKY. #20, Ole Miss #22, Miss. St. #23). AU’s top rated player that year was DeAngelo Benton, a highly sought after, but academically troubling player from La. that had originally committed to LSU. Production thus far in his career is just 7 receptions for only 103 yards.
    The 2010 Class, built primarily on the efforts of Trooper Taylor (as per AU Football Media Propaganda), miraculously lands the #1 players from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, as well as the #1 JUCO signee in Cam Newton. Why the turnaround, when their previous season only netted a 7-5 regular season record (3-5 SEC), along with an overtime win against Northwestern on New Years Day.
    Recruit Trevon Reed is a solid commitment to LSU until very late in the process when he abruptly changes his mind to Auburn, against the better judgment of his high school coach. Similar waffling is also experienced with recruits Michael Dyer, Shon Coleman, and Others. It has been mentioned there exists a recorded conversation between Trooper Taylor and McGregor discussing the progress in wrapping up this class. To paraphrase, ”… just one more deal to cut and it’s all done. Then there’s a mention of needing $200K to close it out.”
    Also, in 2010 Cecil Newton’s Church suddenly “Rises from the Dead” (no pun intended) and is no longer involved in condemnation proceedings with Local Authorities over repairs that need to be made to the church building. During this time, the Church managed by Newton was in financial trouble and facing eviction but suddenly had enough cash to do extensive renovations to meet building codes. Also, Newton's father owned a small trucking company with two drivers. After Newton signed with Auburn, they were suddenly flushed with so many contracts that 12 drivers were hired. Chris Low, Pat Forde, and Others at ESPN, comment on how Newton’s Church and home are meager, but he drives up for the interview in a $60,000 truck less than a year old.

    The Auburn Timeline:

    • Before 2009 Egg Bowl, Ken Rodgers talked with Cecil, who said "It's not gonna be free this time."

    • Nov 27th, 2009 Ken Rodgers meets Cam and Dan, for the first time.

    • Nov 27th, 2009 Ken, Cecil, and two coaches meet at Hilton Garden Inn, where Cecil says "Anywhere between $100,000 and $180,000." coaches respond ‘No, no, I don’t want to hear that,’

    • Nov 29th, 2009 Ken leaves Bill Bell a voicemail asking if the deal is going to get done

    • Bell was contacted by Cecil Newton asking for money

    • Bell calls Bond and urges Bond to tell MSU officials.

    • Bond calls MSU Athletic Director Byrne

    • Dec 14th, 2009 Cam pushes committing back to Dec 22nd, 2009

    • Dec 20th, 2009 Cam visits Auburn, Dad was not there

    • Dec 31st , 2009 Cam commits to Auburn

    *Nov 12th, 2010 Cecil Newton admits to asking for money from MSU in exchange for Cam to play there.

    • Nov 12th, ESPN reports that a source stated that he was contacted by an emotional Cam Newton stating his regret that he would not be playing for MSU, as his father had chosen Auburn because "the money was too much".

    • Nov 13th, Despite all of the above evidence, Auburn Still Plays Newton---This also explains why the AU President wanted to sit Cam last Saturday, but was overridden by Lowder, Dye, McGregor, and other BOT members.

    W&L is a guy according to those in the know who is a fairly influential religious figure in Alabama. He works with athletes at the high school and collegiate level. In CyberSpace, he’s a long-Time member of Bama OnLine and is evidently very well connected within the Bama Athletic Machine. Rarely does he post, but when he does most take it to the bank. Evidently W&L was way ahead of the Jones/Ingram Fishing Saga, the Nick Saban Hiring, and most recently the Marcel Dareus Suspension at Alabama. W&L posted this comment earlier in the week.

    " Unlike Aubs and Gadsden, and (insert recruit X here) being sold to Bama, this tale of cheating is factual and fatal. I cannot nor will I say anything other than this. Auburn is going on probation for a very long time. enjoy playing cam yesterday to keep Bama from Atlanta. enjoy playing cam so that you could give your fans a send off to Atlanta. enjoy watching a player who gave your program the finger kneel at the goalpost so your "family" could be fooled again. He and his family could care less about you.
    Save it.....repeat it..put in on the bunker.........mark my word and my reputation (which means nothing at all in the true sense of the word after all..this is an internet board for goodness sake) You are about to be publically humiliated and punished harder than any College Football team in history..except SMU.
    Cam will be stricken from your record books. All wins, championships, and records will be gone. You will spend a decade at the BOTTOM of the SEC West, and financial hits will devastate your entire school (note..not the AD alone). You will reinforce your reputation as the most corrupt college program in history. You will be forced to change the name of your "field". You will lose to Alabama for a decade if not more. And finally, if leadership can be brought to the forefront, (and yes, this is the only prediction about which I cannot put forth what I consider strong evidence), you will be kicked out of the Southeastern Conference in a unanimous vote.
    Enjoy this limited run. And Will Collier..yes I know you will read this post...Hell is REALLY coming to burn your program to the ground. Go ahead and get your "conspiracy theories" ready..go ahead and try to figure out how you can claim championships that were rightfully stipped from you..go ahead and focus on how you will bring down Alabama, your singular obsession in life. Your hell continues this week..........we here plan to enjoy your pain.

    Remember EVERYONE has now lawyered up, and remember the change of heart from "He’s clean!" to the “No Comment” response. Here’s what is being said by those in the “know"……… Auburn did not suspend Cam because the NCAA didn’t tell them to. They let Auburn make the decision and then after the fact that Auburn let him play, the NCAA will hammer them for doing something "they should not have done" Right now All Auburn cares about is beating Bama, winning the SEC, getting Cam the Heisman, playing and perhaps winning the Nat Championship, and marketing the hell out of their success..and deal with the NCAA later. And for those wondering why people thought Cam wouldn't play... it's because the president, the compliance dept and a couple of coaches all wanted to sit Cam. THAT is why so many people were sure Cam would sit. They knew what these guys were saying. HOWEVER, the AD, boosters and the rest of the coaches wanted to play him. It's clear the president and the compliance dept weren't being listened to.

    Here’s what they say the FBI has on tape and can prove AU did:

    • The people above are on tape explaining who they paid and how they did it.

    • It involves many AU players

    • Providing unmarked Colonial Bank ATM cards to players to withdraw
    money from secret accounts.

    • Giving “slot machine cards” to the players, which now involves the
    Alabama Gaming Commission.

    • Provided improper loans to some of the families in our last and
    current recruiting class.

    • The NCAA “strongly” recommended that AU sit Cam for GA. game because
    of the mounting evidence.

    • President Grogue wanted to sit Cam but was overruled by Louder and
    the Board of Trustees.

    • Coach Chizik knows none of this and has been lied to by Jacobs.

    • The people named above know the S%#& is going to hit the fan “big
    time” and have decided “we’re going down” so lets win the title even
    if they take it away later.

    • The corruption is so deep at the highest level (trustees) that AU
    will be evicted from kicked out of the SEC.
    Cam was the biggest target to take the BIGGEST fall, so they pinned him. Sorry but all big schools purposely don't follow the rules...I.E. Ohio State

    Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    I dont know if I believe that they will be booted from the SEC, but I will acknowledge that Newton should not be playing, and they will lose all the records of this year.

    However, Auburn is not the only one doing this. This goes on quite a bit, and schools that try to maintain any sense of integrity are the ones who sit at the bottom of the heap.
    Your right, others will surface, but since Cam had #1 Draft Status, they came for him


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