Hey guys, I was sitting around last night with some heat on my shoulder thinking..."damn my arm is sore!" a GOOD SORE though.

I am making this thread to try and help parents help their kids with taking proper care of their throwing arm. Mostly because i never had anyone really telling me what to do and it potentialy ruined what I could have made in baseball. For the short version of what happened, at 15yrs old I was a switch hitting SS/C that threw a 2.0 to second and 84 across the Infeild and was getting letters from a good number of D-1 schools.

That was until I messed up my elbow and took almost an entire year of from throwing. Since then I have aquired biceps tendonitos, Inflmaed anterior band, labrium problems and a partailly torn UCL (high school). This is all from not taking care of my arm!

Now as I am entering my final year of college ball I have really taken my time to take the proper steps to making sure my arm is in good condition, things I could have done years ago but just didn't know.

I throw 3 days a week now hard and 2 light toss days. I make between 65-85 all out throws from between 90-120ft on M-W-F and just about 25 lighter throws from about 60ft on T-H. These dont include warm-up throws. This is the most I have EVER thrown and my arm HAS NEVER FELT BETTER!!!!!

Here's what your kids should do after every time they engage in some hard throwing.

1. Warm-Up
-Run a few poles. (foul pole to foul pole about 2 times should be good)

2. Stretch
-Take time to stretch out your shoulder, elbow and forearm muscles. I will try and get pictures to help show what ones, IMO, work best

3.Stay loose when throwing.
-Don't try and tense up, a loose arm works like a whip and helps with velocity.

4. Running after throwing.
-Try and run at least a mile after, and if you can 10; 50yrd sprints to finish it off.
-If you're a starting pitcher and throw over 50 pitches, it should be 3miles. Thats optimal but any running helps
*What this dose is help flush out the lactic acid from your arm to your legs and keeps your blood circulting.

5. Stretch again!
-The same thing you did to warm up

This next one is optional and up to the person, but I always do it
6. ICE
-I always ice my shoulder and elbow for 20min after I am done running. Then i'll usually do 20min of Heat following that.

Massage to sore muscles the day after throwing can help too. This is where a nice mom or dad comes in and can really help out lol.

If this helps just one kid save his arm I've done my job. I also have some stuff for helping arm strength I'd be happy to share with anyone also. However, if you're going to do the program everything I listed above really has to be done to keep that arm healthy.