No credibility with me (cycling/Floyd Landis thread)..

  1. No credibility with me (cycling/Floyd Landis thread)..

    So I love cycling (hence the name). Obviously because I love lifting as well I can never seriously cycle because, let's be real, you need to be 140lbs to really compete. However, I still follow and love the sport.

    I read this today and it looks like everyone's favorite mustache-bearing tool cyclist is back on the scene: Floyd Landis.

    Floyd Landis admits to using PEDs most of his career - ESPN

    He now (after spending his life savings to defend himself) decides to "come clean" because he feels so "guilty". To me it is more to draw attention to himself roughly one month before the Tour de France is to begin. I am also willing to bet he will be looking for large interview fees.

    I also love how he is trying to throw all of his former teammates under the bus (including Lance) just to make this story get more publicity. The fact is Lance is the most tested athlete on the planet and has never once tested positive. It is also sort of ironic that he says he doped his entire career, except for the year he won the TDF and explained that he was totally innocent that year.

    What a joke.

  2. If Floyd Landis was ignored maybe he'd just go away but we know that won't happen.

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