2010 New York Yankees

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    Amazing with the way the starting pitching has been that the Yanks have remained in. Burnett, Vazquez and the loss of Pettite should have crippled them.
    It just illustrates why they picked Joe Giradi, he's done a masterful job of managing situations over the last 2 years.

  2. September 7, Yankees still wrecking stuff.

  3. Sept 25, Yankees going through a rough stretch, oh well can't win em all however, let's see what happens come playoff time.

  4. September 28

    Yankees in the playoffs for the 15th time in 16 years. Let the fun begin
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    Error give Yankees one-game lead in the AL East

    BOSTON -- Derek Jeter's check-swing infield single nudged the Yankees over the Red Sox, 6-5, on Saturday in 10 innings, the first game of a split-admission, day-night doubleheader at Fenway Park.

    With the win, the Yankees moved a full game ahead of the Rays for first place in the American League East with two games remaining on the schedule. Tampa Bay is playing on Saturday evening against the Royals in Kansas City.

    In the top of the 10th, Brett Gardner worked a 10-pitch walk against Jonathan Papelbon before advancing on a sacrifice. Jeter dribbled a roller to the right side of the mound that Papelbon over-ran and Bill Hall flubbed a barehand pickup as Gardner raced home with the go-ahead run.

    Yankees use error to take one-game lead

  7. If they can handle business tonight, things look great for a division title.
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    The Yankees have to win and Tampa has to loose. If they finish in a tie, the tiebreaker goes to Tampa.

    The Wild Card plays Minnesota and the AL East Champion plays Texas.

    Side Note: The NL West is tight Pushed to brink, Giants still like position

  9. gotta be honest, dont have a preference. Stats show homefield has meant little
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    Best of three in the first round and CC is 11 and 2 at home. Although it could be any team on any day, anywhere, statistically speaking, it matters to the Yankees. As well, the AL East Title has some significance.

  11. I would hope that the Yankees are doing what I think they are. I do know that they won't take Minnesota for granted, they're a very good team this year.

  12. Its going to be an interesting series. CC will need to set the tone in game 1, and I am glad to see that AJ is not near the rotation for this series. When you think about it, he and Vazquez cost them a division title and home field.

    DD, I agree the East title had significance, however, I dont think they seemed overly concerned. It looked more like they wanted to just stay healthy and not overwork the starters they would rely on

  13. Here we are 2 games into the playoffs, Yankees win both going home for game 3
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    Very impressed with the road performance making it quite really possible to close this in the Bronx with a sweep.

  15. ALDS done, on to the ALCS

  16. tampa all of a sudden has a little life. Give CC and the boys a little rest.

  17. That's perfect for us, it will also screw up the pitching rotation for whomever the Yankees face next

  18. Congratulations to the Rangers for taking out the Rays at their place no less. Now it's time to get some ALCS, Yanks in 6

  19. Well at this juncture with Rangers having played some great baseball having won 2 games in Yankee stadium after a split in Texas, if it's gonna happen this year, it will have to be in 7.

  20. Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night. Tonight the Yankees will win or go home ( sung to "Tonight" from West Side Story)

  21. Well it's over,congratulations to the Texas Rangers who have finally gotten there, Go win the series and keep it in the AL. The Yankees will be back, they always are.


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