Mosley Vs Mayweather

  1. Mosley Vs Mayweather

    I go for Mosley! How about you?

  2. Mayweather is younger and faster in my opinion and odds are he will win but I would love to see Mosley take it.

  3. True, Mosley is the underdog but still I have high hopes for him!

  4. this time around the 24/7 isnt showing as much training, but my votes for mayweather.. gunna be a great fight, i think 12 rounder

  5. Money Floyd all the way, though it's not going to be a walk in the park for Floyd

  6. Mosley is fast and he is stronger than Mayweather.

    I think Mosley's best chance is to jump on Mayweather early and hope to catch him with something.

    If he doesn't take him out early, I feel Mosley will tire as the fight progresses which will give Mayweather the time to pick him apart.

    And you just never know, Mosley just might get old tonight the way Dela Hoya did against Pacquiao.

  7. Holy nightmare, this fight was BORING

  8. the beginning rounds were exciting , Shane Mosley was outpowering him in the beginning and then got tired, he has short strong energy while mayweather has endurance energy

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