Pittsburgh Steelers begin defense of Super Bowl Title

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers begin defense of Super Bowl Title

    Here we go Steelers, here we go. Somehow I don't think there will be any "towel stepping" tonight.

  2. haha...Lendale White is a pretty big jackass...so it actually wouldn't surprise me at all if he was stupid enough to do it pretty early on LOL. Bad things have happended to folks who disrespected the Towel...the most recent being Titans and the Bengals. The curse of Myron Cope is a b*tch! The Steelers Defense hasn't forgotten about the antics last year either bro, look for them to dig in that *ss.

    I think deep down Lendale is just upset that the Steelers didn't draft him. It's going to be a good one. 5 1/2 hours and counting...See you on the North Shore!

  3. More of those who have "disgraced" the towel:

    1. Baltimore last year, Derrick Mason stomped on the towel before the first game. We all know how all 3 games went last year
    2. Before the super bowl, Cardinals mascot wiped his armpits with it, then the Mayor proceded to blow his nose using the towel, if you watched the SB, you know how that ended up.

    I'm telling you...fat *ss Lendale doesn't know the **** storm he just started.

  4. Wasn't pretty but got r done. Actually it's almost never pretty, that's what "Blue collar" is all about.

  5. LOL...yeah. It was ugly, and our attempts at running the ball were simply pathetic. I want Isaac Redman back from the practice squad, he showed he had some balls in the preseason and he ran hard. That's what we need. Willie and Rashard look afraid to get hit. Everything else looked good, Ben was sloppy early on, but was solid from the 2nd Quarter on. Losing Troy stings a bit, especially playing Chicago this week. After Chicago though there is nothing too challenging after that for the time frame Troy is expected to miss.

  6. We're not defending so well right now but I'm not worried, we weren't going 16-0 anyway. If by week 6 we're still in this funk, then I'll be concerned.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Fastone View Post
    We're not defending so well right now but I'm not worried, we weren't going 16-0 anyway. If by week 6 we're still in this funk, then I'll be concerned.
    I hear you man. I'm sure has hell disappointed right now, but I can't say that I'm worried. Our offensive line play has improved immensely, most of the sacks that Ben has taken have been his or the receivers fault, not the lines. It seems we may have had a spark in our running game this past week against Cincy. I really hope that we can keep that going. Rashard Mendenhall needs to get his head out of his *ss and step up. Tomlin benched him against the Bengals b/c his preperation was for sh*t. Limas Sweed really needs to learn how to catch a football, but that's no big news. Santonio needs to focus a little more too. He had a big week 1, but has dropped alot of balls since then (which REALLY hurt us badly in the Chicago game). Our coaches have got to grow some balls too, our play calling and strategies have been way too conservative. It's your first posession of the game...it's 4th and goal from the 1/2 yard line...and you go for a field goal? That's some p*ssy sh*t right there. I couldn't believe it when I saw Reed running out for the field goal. IF...and of course it's a big IF...but if we punch that in the zone there that makes up for the margin we lost by with some change....and even if we miss it we have them pinned as deep as you possibly can, which can potentially swing momentum.

    OK, lol...I love to talk some football, especially the Steelers LOL...that went on longer than I thought and I could keep going!

    I guess I'm looking at things with the "half full" view right now. It's not like we're getting creamed. We're losing close games in the 4th quarter, which of course isn't much better, but that can also be remedied with some minor adjustments.

    Also, we haven't played a slouch team yet....we haven't played a great team yet either...but it's not like we lost to the Lions (sorry Skins fans )

  8. Well needed win against Chargers. Offense looked great, Mendenhall was awesome, defense was second half shady again.

  9. Mendenhall did look good, but that's against a shaky Chargers run defense. Actually, the Chargers defense couldn't stop anything in that game. I like the way he hits the hole hard and keeps his legs moving. I hope he's on his "details" again this week for the Lions. Dare I say the Lions run defense might be a little stiffer than the Chargers? Who knows, but I guess we'll find out.

    You're right about the defense. I can't wrap my head around it. It's like complete control for 3 qtr's and then BOOM...4th qtr we make the offense look like the "greatest show on turf". I don't understand. I know having Troy out is affecting us, but that's not the only thing. Is it playcalling? Are we not sending enough guys at the QB and just sitting back? If you let a QB dink and dunk underneath you all day you're going to have those long drives......just like our last 3 opponents were able to do when it mattered. Lamaar Woodley needs to show up. 4 games in and 0 sacks?!?! Where has he been? Did he get lazy? What's going on. Finally James Harrison was able to show in the sack column for the year with 2 and a nice forced fumble to seal the game.

  10. I hate when the Steelers "play down" to the competition but, they put the game away with 3 successive sacks so I guess I can't complain too much.

  11. Yeah Fastone...another ugly one. But you gotta take 'em any way you can. It looks as though we'll probably have Polamalu back for the Browns game this week. It's going to be good to have him back.

  12. This week was even uglier in some ways but a W is a W. btw, the Titans are still feeling the effects of the "Curse of the Terrible Towel"

  13. haha...I joked earlier on a football news site I post at the same exact thing. This week is going to be a great one

  14. I hope our boys are ready to play for 60 minutes cause that's what it will take. btw, The Titans could have saved themselves some trouble by talking to the Bengals (who dey, we dey).

  15. THE WORLD CHAMPIONS ARE BACK, especially the defense. They played a full 4 quarters today and overcame a fumble that made me throwup
    and a kick-off return that made me want to kick our wuss kicker's ass. But all's well that ends well. 4 in a row now

  16. Cheers bro! That was such a fun game to watch. 4 qtrs of fun. I think if Jeff Reed was drunk he would have made a better attempt at a tackle than that LOL. I was ready to die when Mendenhall fumbled too. That would have put the game away. Favre had monster yardage but our defense was clutch and came through. I'll give anyone 400yards through the air if we hold their offense to only 1 TD. That goal line stand was amazing. Stuffed Peterson twice (the first time Casey Hampton went offsides to give them an extra down) then forced two incomplete passes. It was great! It'll be good to have the bye week to let some players heal up and rest.

    I'm looking forward to the Baltimore vs. Denver game. I want Denver to win for the divisional advantage that would give us, but I don't think they will. It would be nice to take out 2 undefeated teams though =)


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