Great High School Football on Fox Sports Southwest Tonight

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    Great High School Football on Fox Sports Southwest Tonight

    If you like great high school football, Shiloh Christian, Springdale AR and Evangel, Shreveport, LA are playing a pre-season game tonight. Fox News Southwest is televising it. On Directv it's chan 676. These teams have some outstanding athletes, may of whom already have multiple D1 offers on the table. Shiloh Christian is where Auburn OC, Gus Malzahn made a big spash.

    One of the standouts is a junior who has set weight lifting records since the age of 13. Shiloh Christian strongman Samuel Harvill (6-1, 255) set the US Army All-American Bowl record by bench pressing 185 pounds 55 times in January, received his first D-1 offer this week from UNLV. The defensive tackle has started the past two seasons for defending 4A state champ Shiloh.

    Last spring Harvill bench pressed 225 pounds 43 times. The most reps any player, including the cream of the college crop, did at the 2008 NFL Combine was 37.

    "The amazing thing is, you'd think he'd plateau on some of his lifts," Shiloh coach Josh Floyd says, "but he keeps getting stronger and stronger. When we're lifting, I have to sometimes get on the rest of our guys to get to work because he can draw a crowd pretty quick."

    The 16 y/o junior Schumann's National Underclassmen record with 56 reps of 185 pounds last month. He first bench pressed 300 pounds at age 13, and popped the 400-pound barrier for the first time two days prior to his 15th birthday.

  2. Damn I wished I lived in the area to watch that game just to see 1 "kid" play.

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    You can probably watch online. Fox Sports Southwest.

  4. I live in Middle GA where we have the likes of Warner Robins High School and Northside High School(was ranked on ESPNs top 50 high schools in the US last year). Played against Booker T Washington High School from FLA and destroyed them. Some claim it is the toughest region in the US. It also includes Lowndes County who was REALLY high up there last year on ESPNs top 50 high schools in the US.
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    I'm envious! SC's #11 on ESPN's Southwest Regional list.

    Heck of a game. 37-36 Shiloh won with a pass into the end zone in with a minute 18 sec left. Then Evangel came back and nearly scored again. Dramatic finish. Good football.

  6. Well Northside and Warner Robins are def down this year. And the high school I went to has never been that good but now it is horrible.

    Dang sounds like a hell of a good game. I missed out. BTW in case u didnt know a woman who loves football is


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