Bronson Arroyo of Cincinnati Reds flouting MLB, union guidance on supplements - ESPN

Granted, he's taking some risks with the "MLB approved supplement list" but I love how honest he is about everything. I wish more guys would follow suit, rather than saying stuff like:

"I'm going to wait until we gather more information before I comment"

"The legal supplement I'm taking must have been tampered with or tainted"

"I only did it one time and only to recover from an injury...y'know, to help my team"

"I'm not here to talk about the past"



It's refreshing to hear a guy say "Yeah, I use this stuff and I do it because it works, it makes me bigger, stronger and faster...and that's why I do it. You probably would too."

It's his career and his life, so if he gets caught breaking any rules, that's something he'll have to deal with, but I totally dig how up-front he is about the whole subject.