2009 Mets Thread

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    Mets should go after Adam Dunn. He can play first and when Delgado comes back he can move to LF. They could use his power too. He hits bombs.
    +1 and he's one of the few guys in MLB who can drive the ball out of Citi Field consistently. Also, for all his K's, he draws a lotta BB's, so his OBP isn't bad. Wonder what we'd have to give up in return though.

    Yeah DAdams, Beltran's 2nd opinion in CO went well, so hopefully he'll just rest/rehab and be back on the field after the AS break. He's still got enough votes to be the starting CF for the NL, wonder if that will taper off now that he's injured.

  2. Put that sh1t in the books!

    Pelfrey pitched his azz off and K-Rod comes in for the save!

    1-0, lol. Looks like the pitchers have to shutout the other team in order to win.

  3. K-Rod blew the game!


  4. Angry

    Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post
    K-Rod blew the game!

    They finally put some runs on the board and the dude with the 1.17 ERA blows it!!! God dammit!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, down 5-0, score 6, take the lead and asshead gives up a HR. FUK!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post

    Church saved his ass....I like that Manuel left Frankie in there, now FINISH THE JOB!

  7. That would've been a horrible loss. Because of the way they came back down 5-0. Then F-Rod blows the save. It happens. Just happy they won.

    Huge series with the Fillies. Not sure what to expect.


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