Ben Wallace question

  1. Ben Wallace question

    He's famous for having big arms and being very well built for a NBA player. How big do you think his arms are?
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  2. Hard to tell. He is pretty lean, so that adds to the illusion of size and compound that with the contrast of other basketball players who don't traditionally have "big arms," however, with that said, my vote is 18".

  3. 18''? no way. The Rock has 18'' arms and he's only like 2-3'' shorter than Wallace. I don't think that just because a person is taller, that it makes their arms appear smaller. People say that all of the time, so I tried to disprove it and by having some dude who claimed that he had 19'' arms and was 6'4'', he measured them at 17''. I'd say Ben's arms are no bigger then 16''. anybody else? They just look big because his frame is bigger because being tall he has broad shoulders, and he has probably about 8% body fat.

  4. Too big...have you seen him shoot?

  5. here's some pics for comparitive analysis. Holyfields arms were 16'' at 6'3'', and the Rock's arms are 18'' at 6'4''. Would u still say that Wallace's arms are 18?
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  6. He used to be pretty big when he was at Detroit. These days he looks quite a bit smaller.
  7. vadox6466
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    Maybe 17"?


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