play-off match ups

  1. play-off match ups

    ok so let discuss some playoff football.. and what everyone thinks the best potential games will be.. also how do they figure out who plays who next... like we know arizona will play either the NY giants or the Carolina panthers.. but how is that decided.. and why is it up to the outcom of the eagles/vikings game ??

    I think the giants eagles will be a fantastic game if it happens on the NFC side... on the AFC id like to see the chargers v steelers.. this would be the most interesting games in my opinoun... but i dont see how the winners of the wild card match ups work out.. since there is already brackets with seeding.. anyone know?

  2. i was confused on who is playing who but im sure someone will let us know how that works. I just dont want any manning in the bowl then ill be happy.

  3. Basically the way it works out is after this weekend the lowest remaining seed plays at the #1 seed and the highest remaining seed plays at #2 in each conference. In the AFC the Chargers are div winners and the Ravens were the 6th seed so, the Chargers are going to Pittsburgh and the Ravens are going to Tenn. In the NFC the Cards are the #4 seed and div winners, if Philly wins as 6th seed they go to the Giants (#1). If MInn wins, they are the #3 seed and div winner so they would go to Carolina (#2). Hope this helps


  4. Yeah, what he said
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