Most Exciting Player?

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  1. AP is better is space. MB is better at creating his own space. MB has better hands, and is much more of a threat out of the backfield, the stats dont even compare.

    MB doesnt have the open space moves, etc as AP does, but he still produces the big play. IE 70 yard reception vs Cardinals. They have the same ammount of TDs, and Dallas is 7-4.

    MB is the best finisher in the league hands down. MB owns the 4th qtr, and nobody can disagree with that.

    I love AP, but like to watch MB more.


  2. NBA- Lebron James
    MLB- Carlos Zambrano
    NFL- Adrian Peterson

  3. The margin between Peterson and Barber isn't even close.. People talk about Adrian Peterson being one of the best backs anybody has ever seen... and they say Marion Barber runs hard! but thats about all you'll hear about him


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