The Rays and Philles are in the World Series, do you care

  1. The Rays and Philles are in the World Series, do you care

    It's good for the MLB however, maybe not for ratings. I'm not sure I care but, I'll watch.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Fastone View Post
    It's good for the MLB however, maybe not for ratings. I'm not sure I care but, I'll watch.

    They're still playing that other non-football sport?


  3. I am n ot going to watch, too much football and hockey on at this point
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  4. This is actually the optimum time of year for sports fans as you have Baseball winding down, Pro and College Football heating up and basketball and Hockey getting started. I am somewhat intrigued by the Rays, they're kinda like the little brother you used to beat up (The Yankees made a living off of them), now he's grown up and found himself. Kinda like when the Islanders taught Edmonton how to win or when the Steelers taught the NFL what a modern dynasty should look like.


  5. i dont have a horse in this race... it does not matter who wins or loses.. i'll not watch this series

  6. from pa........go phills!!

  7. Seeing how my team CHOKED, as usual, I am pulling for the Rays.
    The Sox - Rays series was a great one. To me, that was the Championship series. I highly doubt that the Philles can compete with a team that played the likes of Boston, NY, White Sox throughout the season. That's just my opinion. But I pick the Rays in 5.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by RobInKuwait View Post
    They're still playing that other non-football sport?
    My sentiments exactly!

  9. I will because I'm a sports bettor Rays in 5 or 6. I still won't let it interfere with my football addiction LOL

  10. It is pretty cool that the world series is here in tampa, that i must admit. I say this even though the sox have fallen, but it was a great ALCS. I agree with iron, that was the world series to me!

    The rays have great starting pitching, but the phillies have a more solid bullpen. The winner of this series will result from the starting pitching.

    If the phillies can bang up the ray's starters a bit, they stand a better chance to win the series because of their stellar bullpen.

    If the rays can dominate with their starters, they should take the series.

    My pick - Rays in 6 games.

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  11. Normally I am not much of a baseball fan. But being in the Rays fan base area and seeing what they have done the whole season is intriguing enough for me to watch the series and remember the time when the Rays were in it and possible won the thing. Especially beinig the youngest team in the league and the lowest payroll. I love the slap in the face it gives to other teams who have huge payrolls.

    Otherwise my sport of choice is college football by far. Way ahead of pros. I will watch Tampa Bay Bucs but everything else is blah for me. College football is where it is for me personally. just love it. Florida state fan here btw.

  12. Phillies in 6, however I don't think we will win Game 3 if Moyer is pitching.

    But after that Phillies win in 6 and ill be in the streets of philadelphia


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