Roy Williams to DALLAS!!

  1. Roy Williams to DALLAS!!

    yes We got Roy Williams. now if you want to double team TO, Roy is 1 on 1 and thats a match up anyone would take. I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this because in the last 48hrs i have had a heart attack with the loss and the like 5 injuries and pacman gone. now we get Roy and everything seems better.

  2. I am with you. I was watching the season go downhill fast, but I now have hope. I just hope Flozell and co. can give Brad a few seconds to find an open receiver.

    The best part of the trade is it kept Philly from trading for him!

  3. Rams still win on sunday.......

    Dallas hasnt impressed me this year(maybe the first two games).

    Im a fan, so I hope they do well.

  4. unfortunately, there's only one ball and too many egos. Should be interesting.


  5. also a bad sign for the Cowboys is that they are paying Roy much more than TO. That should go over well.

    I love watching the cowboys, all that talent and yet they still find a way to lose
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  6. give it 2 games before TO starts complaining.

  7. T.O. wass the first one to call roy williams and they talked about being a team and much as t.o. bit$$es and complains he appreciates others talents. roy should be a perfect compliment to the wr position. as for brad johnson..i believe he will be a better qb than romo in a sense that he is more conservative and looks to throw underneath as opposed to deep into double coverage. i expect big things from barber out of the backfield and witten for the next 2-3 weeks.

  8. if Roy gets more balls TO will complain. If they arent winning TO will complain. That man is a cancer in a locker room, and could be gone within the year
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Reaper329 View Post
    if Roy gets more balls TO will complain. If they arent winning TO will complain. That man is a cancer in a locker room, and could be gone within the year
    I could swear I heard the same thing with his first 3 year contract. Guess what, it was renewed for 3 more years. I admit he was an A-Hole in SanFran and Philly, but in Dallas most of his statements have been overblown.

  10. If they're winning games, the problem won't be too bad, if not mount T.O will definitely erupt. The problem is T.O though about the team is more about T.O.


  11. TO wont get double teamed anymore and hes the first receiver. So he will get more balls and TDs now. everything will be better and we will average 30+ points a game now

  12. 1. Pacman was playing like **** at corner and a terrible punt returner to say the least.

    2. Roy will make it harder for the D-fense to roll coverage to TO. And if they do continue, Roy will light it up = wins. Patrick Crayton just isnt getting the job done.

    3. Romo is most likely playing this week. Either way they are going to run the ball and control the clock this week. Marion and Tashard Choice are going to do a solid job, opening up the play action to TO and Roy downfield.

  13. romo was throwing at practice today. jerry jones said he will more than likely play against the rams sunday. i was kinda lookin forward to brad johnson under center for this game to see what he has.


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