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Poll: Terell Owens..playmaker or troublemaker

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  1. Love him. He's an entertainer; he's like Russell Crowe in Gladiator when Crowe says, "are you not amused?"
    With the Niners: 20 catches in a game, he was my neighbor (serious), he was awesome. Oh, and the whole Jeff Garcia "smells like a rat" thing. I lol'd even if it's not true (seen Garcia around the Bay Area macking on hot chicks in his wife? Camella Decasare)
    Eagles: "Oh lawd I broke my leg...time to play in the Superbowl cuz I'm a hero." My theory--he wasn't that hurt 2 weeks before the superbowl but in order to garner the respect of the nation and to maximize sympathy points he did these antics.

    Cowboys: I hate teh Cowboys, but I love TO. He's such an entertainer. I don't know what goes on in the lockerroom, but when it comes to football --practice or games-- he gives it his all.

    I want him to come back to the Niners. He's a lot of fun...and publicity.

    Note: I hate the Yanks, Red Sox, Lakers, Celtics, Cowboys, Brett Favre all because of ESPN riding their nuts. I love TO.

  2. Get his book and read it

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RobInKuwait View Post
    True. If not this year, then maybe in 2010 or 2011.
    Not until jerry figures out how to run a team. Also there the possibility that T.O. might not even be with the team next year.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rugger48 View Post
    Not until jerry figures out how to run a team. Also there the possibility that T.O. might not even be with the team next year.

    I think Jerry knows how to run a organization as the Cowboys franchise is very lucrative. What he doesn't know is how to let the people he hires do their job without his interference.


  5. i think he is both.. when he doesn't get his way he turns into a drama queen

  6. read his book, im a die hard philly fan and it kinda got me thinking...


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