Phelps is a god.

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    my wife told me the other day that she would f#$k him. why???
    He's rich and famous.
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    That is an incredibly ignorant statement. How many people do you see competing in football, basketball, and baseball on an elite level. A lot. How many do you see competing on an elite level in swimming? Not too many, because it's an incredibly difficult sport to compete at an elite level in. Just because swimming isn't a glorified sport in the US doesn't mean it doesn't have a following elsewhere.

    I've lived in Australia for a few years and its a fairly big deal to them. I'm just astounded that you wouldn't consider Michael Phelps a "real athlete" when the dude is the greatest olympian EVER. How that makes him less than a "real athlete" is beyond my comprehension.

    But enjoy your ride home on the short bus.
    wow. there is alot wrong with this post.

    first. It is hard to compete at an elite level in swimming because it only happens once ever 4 years. the olympics is the elite competition for swimming. Can you name two other elite swimming competions in america without having to look them up? I really don't think so.

    Second we are in america not australia. who cares if it is a big deal over there. Soccer is a big deal everywhere except for here. Football is only as big as it is here, not australia or europe. so what sport is big in australia or any other country is irrelevant to this topic.

    Third. winning 8 gold medals at the olympics is a unheard of feat, however, it doesn't neccesarily make you a real athlete. would you consider an competitor who won 8 gold medals in archery a real athlete? Just saying that because it is an olympic event doesn't mean it requires extreme athletisism.

    I am not attacking you in any way, just playing devils advocate. I was/am tired of hearing about michael phelps and swimming See if you really care in a year. Before michael phelps came around how many people were constantly calling michael spitz god. None. And that is how it will be in this case, at least until 2012.

    PS michael phelps would only have 7 medals if it weren't for his teammates who won the relay race for him.


  3. I was around in 72 and can tell you the hype for Mark Spitz was not even close to the hype for Michael Phelps. Part of it was the tragedy involving the athletes from Israel and us losing in Basketball for the 1st time ever (Bad, bad, bad). With all of today's media hype you can be sure we will be hearing about Phelps for quite a while to come especially if he continues to compete successfully.


  4. phelps is a machine!!!


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