Olympic drug test

  1. Olympic drug test

    i have a question about the drug test or lack of drug test,

    Do all the atlhetes get tested or just the winner ?

    Do they test them 4 years off from the Olympics, meaning couldn Maurice greem take test and winny for and be clean for when he run the 100m or 400m.

    As long as he doesnt take deca with ina year of the olympics, he sould have a issue in passing.

  2. probably or more than likely

  3. I believe they have random testing and they ramp up closer to the olympics...

    but i think they should test the top 5 to ensure they're all balanced

  4. They get tested all the time. Remember they also compete in events year round, not just the Olympics.

    World Championships
    National Championships

    Also remember for every Anti-doping Scientist there is probably 10 scientists looking to find a way to mask these findings. Big bucks at play.

  5. Yes, they get tested year round...




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