Brett Favre To The NY Jets

  1. Brett Favre To The NY Jets

    I guess Green Bay got what they wanted after all. They got him totally out of the NFC. That being said, it still won't help Aaron Rodgers if GB doesn't do well. It will most definitely help the Jets who's quarterback situation has been sketchy at best over the last few years, unless Brett gets hurt. It's quite a surprise based on the talk of the last week or so. I think his wife got excited about shopping on Broadway and 5th avenue and talked him into it. Should make the Jet\Patriot rivalry at least more interesting


  2. It will be interesting to see how he handles the NY media, and now Chad Pennington is gone.

    I will say this, as a former NYer, its good for NY and he can get them to the playoffs. They have a good, yet untested 3-4 D, could be fun

  3. I don't see him improving there team that much.

    He is joining late, and has to learn a whole new offense.

    Old dogs don't like new tricks.

  4. he is light years ahead of Pennington and Clemens. He will start as of the next practice. They are good enough to make a run at the wild card IMO

  5. I'm a little surprised based off the entire week leading up everyone saying Brett wanted the Bucs, but I think this definitely moves the Jets into playoff contenders. They have a fairly solid team, they just didn't have a QB. Now they have arguably one of the best ever. It'll be weird watching him play in a Jets uniform, but I think it was a good move for the Jets.

  6. There's no arguing that the Jets downfield game will be much improved. The biggest key at least to me is will they be able to run the football effectively. If so, they could be very interesting. As a ex New Yorker myself, I wish them luck just less luck than the Steelers


  7. I doubt they will make the playoffs and even if they do won't go far. Meh i like brett favre but i think he should have just stayed retired.
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  8. he will make life easier on thomas jones, and their oline is much improved. they still need better receivers, but Favre did well in GB with mediocre receivers. So who knows


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