SHR # 1219 :: The Men's Health Initiative PLUS One Personal Trainer's Experience With AgeForce PLUS The Biodiversity Hypothesis And Allergic Disease :: Guest: Peter Baker - John Lepore - Dr. Christine Ciaccio :: Men die younger than women due to a variety of avoidable diseases. So why aren't more people talking about a Men's Health Initiative? Baker is a Men's Health Advocate from the UK and we discuss a recent paper that shows a need on a Global level to make inroads into making Men's Health as much of a priority as Women't Health. PLUS Lepore is a personal trainer and Physical Culturist. He weighs in on his experience with AgeForce and some of their patches. PLUS Dr. Ciaccio explains that through a reduction in the diversity of micro-organism that we come in contact with our immune systems may have suffered. Quite the contrary to what those who would use antimicrobial hand sanitizers every moment of the day would believe. ::

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